Blood Fire

As the Sun and Moon turn and the seasons move towards the coming of the Great Dark and the First Fire.
We are gathering together to honour our place
in the Great Cycle and Turning.
The Ceremony of Blood Fire is a calling to First Fire to show our willingness to take the journey of life to death;

A gathering of joy and sacrifice.
Blood Fire is a stepping into the River of Blood that flows from the Ancestors to the Descendants, to be both Descendant and Ancestor.

Please bring some food & drink to place on the communal dining table.
Please wear the colors of Blood and Fire.

Fire Pit Amphitheatre,
Easter Seals Camp,
Government Road,
Squamish BC

July 27th 2014
10.30 – 5pm
Cost $20 per participant
Comfortable red clothing and a blanket
Please bring food and drink for the communal table
and some wood for the fire

Contact: 604 209 6980

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