Rite of Spring: Last Moon of Winter – The Coming of Brighid

botero_xx_the_rape_of_europa_1998_ - CopyThis is the sacred time when the doors between the worlds are open and magical events can occur. It is the time to begin and mark transition between Winter darkness and the Spring Light.

This is a calling together of the Community, who in turn will call to the wind and sea and moonlight to carry the Brídeog of Spring from heaven to the world, that she may bring the sun and the greening time.

A day long series of ceremonies invoking the spirits of Bearch and Bõ through song, dance, milk & oatcakes, crosses and ribbons and angelic carrying.

When:  February 2015 @ 10am– 5pm
Venue: TBA
Fee: $20 suggested donation – proceeds go to the hall and the 2014 SCGMSS Conference
Bring: A potluck dish or a lunch, warm clothing, a blanket, and a few flowers or petals
Contact: 604 209 6980     wolfindark@icloud.com

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