Ghost Hunt

Ghosts are the mGhost Huntemories of regret, they are “Ní spiorad marbh”. They haunt us, calling us through guilt and shame, this haunting keeps us in the shadows that conceal our path forwards; we are the prey they hunt.

The ghost of our Ancestors call to us to join in reconciliation and completion. They call to us of forgiveness of our addiction to the incomplete and the unfinished; they are the prey we hunt.

We call through this hunt, which is a sympathetic dance of lament, we kill and are killed. We are born and give birth. We sing and dance for the World and all our kindred, to be free, to be brave, to be warriors.

This is a sacred ceremony of compassionate healing of ourselves and of our communities. We will dance and we will sing and we will be one in the healing.



When: Saturday September 7, 2014
Time: 10:00 for 10.30am – 5pm
Where: Community Room, 8740 Forest Grove Drive, Burnaby
Cost: $20 ($15 if you attend Hunters & Gatherers)
Please bring: a clear bottle (and cork) to decorate, some lunch and wear white clothes
Contact: 604 209 6980

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