2018: Fire in the Wind

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10th Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

7th – 11th May 2018
pre-conference 5th – 6th, post conference 12th

Easter Seals Camp, Squamish BC Canada

“……a hundred lifetimes ago The Plains people of the Stag and the Mountain people of the Raven had a dispute on the Wind and the Fire.

The People of the Stag said it was the Fire that chased the wind, whereas the People of the Raven said it was the Wind that chased the fire.

And no one can tell and no one can say when this dispute became a great war between these two peoples.

For lifetimes the battles of the wind against the fire and the fire against the wind, rent the mountains and scored the plains.

Mothers and fathers hid their children from the wind in the hot times and their children from the fire in the cold times, and many suffered and took untimely journey across the dark land of the dead…..”

Saga of the two warriors.


We look out into this place, this world, this life, this society, and all seem caught in some confrontation without meaning; many think they know this and others that; truth is we have forgotten the truth.

Fire and Wind, heart and mind, often as not, a million miles from each other.

In this Gathering it is our turn to call the Ancient Ones and ask how e lost the means to hold the two together.

It is said that the Wild Worse Epona with its volcanic heart was bridled by the wind Gaoth so they became one song to turn the world

We gather to ask the Old Ones to remind us how to gather our wisdom and our passion to be a song that gathers us and the world as a single flame caught in the wind.


In the saga of the two warriors, it is only when they bring their gifts together that they escape calamity.

Let us gather to bring our true gifts together as one song, for a world that is not ours, but one we share, and begin a fire of unity.

one with the fire


The criteria of the proposals are as follows:

  • It should relate to weave towards and support the theme of the Gathering, ‘FIRE IN THE WIND’ (as above)
  • It should reflect the commitment to healing the relationship between humans, no matter what they believe, and the Earth and the celebration of our primal origins as equal inhabitants of this planet.
  • Each presentation should be deemed a ceremony within the overall ceremony of the Gathering
  • It should be mindful of the Society’s and the Tradition’s focus on, Community, Tribe, Clan and Family; ceremonies/presentations need to acknowledge this tradition while deepening the Spiritual Community connection.
  • Presentations should demonstrate an honouring of the working partnership of Animists, Shaman, Shamanic Practitioners & Healers with Spirit and also make available new wisdom and applications.
  • It should unite the Animist & Shamanic Community & Family in Wisdom and Experience
  • It should open participants to possibility, changes, new beginnings and Spirit
  • It should be a vehicle in which Spirit, ancestors and descendants are evoked and made present
  • It should be honouring to all participants and as much as possible be participatory.
  • The presentations should in common raise a consciousness of forgiveness, surrender and union with all beings of the Earth as part of our commitment to global harmony and the deepening of equal relationship between all the children of the Earth, the Elementals and the Spirits
  • Finally, this conference tries and endeavors to be as ecologically and environmentally conscious as possible, please be mindful of this when planning your presentation i.e. handouts, supplies, use of the outdoors etc.

Only presentations that meet the criteria will be considered.

Below are several formats to choose from when preparing a presentation for submission:

Short Learning: 2 hours. These presentations will either teach the application of Shamanic Practice or open participants to Shamanic experience.

Wisdom Learning: 3 hours + ½ break. In depth learning and experience combining theory, history, culture and tradition, in a context of modern day application.

Healing Circle: 1 hour sessions. We have been asked to include healing circles in the conference, providing small healing groups for about 10-15 people – proposers would be doing 2 x 1 hour sessions

Spirit Smithing: 2 hour session of participating in and learning a Shamanic Art & Craft, etc.  Rattle making, shamanic tool creating, etc.

Presenters may submit a variety of proposals for consideration, especially the shorter presentations and circles.

We encourage presenters to collaborate and work together

Presentations should identify the following in order to be considered:

  • Name & Full contact details
  • Ideal size of group
  • Intended audience
  • Title of presentation
  • Outline of content
  • Format preferred
  • Expected outcome and/or goal for participants
  • How this will serve the Animist/Shamanic & Global Community
  • A short biography with head shot photo (jpeg)

Please email all proposals to generalscgmss@gmail.com and mark the subject box ‘BC Conference Presentation proposal’

Epona the wild horse of the wind

Closing date for submissions is

12 noon PST July 15th 2017

Why do we ask so early?

It is our principle to try and make the Gathering (conference) as accessible to as many as possible. By having the Gathering (conference) planned early we can allow registrants to pay for the event in installments should they wish.

And to ensure we can we can get those teachers before their diaries get filled.

Presentation submissions will be passed to a selection panel, which through Spirit Journey will identify the chosen teachers.

Those chosen will be rewarded by having their basic conference fees negated and only paying for meals and accommodation and by default are in the position to first select from the presentation schedule. A discounted Teachers Package has been negotiated for the entire event, which includes pre & post conference options.

If chosen the teacher will receive a password by which they can register and pay their non refundable deposit, making their presentation available to general registrants.

It is also our Intention for this and all Conferences & Gatherings presentations in common to raise a consciousness of forgiveness & surrender as part of our commitment to global harmony and the deepening equal relationship between all the children of the Earth and the Spirits. Such is a committed prayer in Spirit to the survival of our planet and in hope for our species.

Through and by this Gathering as with all our Gatherings, we support Reforestation and demarcation of ancestral lands of The Pataxó People and the People of The Guarani in the Brazilian forest, and the continued support and sponsorship of a boy and girl in Mali, a girl in India and a boy in Nepal. We have also taken on supporting an SOS village in Nepal.

The venue site features grass fields and forested nature trails. The site has two large lounges, that can hold up 30 people each, a large room used as an Arts/Crafts facility which could hold up to 50 people, an outdoor Pavilion with central Fire which can hold up to 100 people and extensive grounds for outdoor work. There is also an outdoor fire pit with a semicircular amphitheatre and large grassed spaces for outdoor ceremonies and presentations.

This Conference is prescribed by direct spirit intervention and will be a full ceremonial gathering of morning meditations, morning focus plenaries on the relationship between The Forest and humans with afternoon choices of workshops and teachings, healings, ceremonies. Each day will culminate in an Evening Ceremony for the whole gathering, to consolidate and celebrate the day’s work and prepare for the following day.

There will a ‘Shaman’ market for participants to display and sell their personal work, healing ceremonies and quiet time, plus the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops.

The conference will be a full 5 days, and have more opportunities for the entire gathering to be together, also shorter workshops, with the choice of adding pre-conference modules, which includes an extra 2 days before conference opening and the opportunity for a post reflection, networking and packing day after conference closing.

If you require further guidance or information, please email generalscgmss@gmail.com