2019: Candles in the Darkness


“One candle no matter how small, will always break the darkness and set 1001 other candles aflame, and we will see we are never alone no matter how dark it seemed”


11th Residential Animist/’shamanic’ Gathering & Conference
8th – 13th April 2019
Pre-gathering 5th -8th

Zajac Ranch, Stave Lake, Mission BC

“sing until the darkness is lifted”

The Sagh’ic Tradition believe that each and every heart is both at any time, hearth and forge; A hearth to gather to and be safe and nurtured, a forge to go from changed and purposeful.

There is a third state of the heart, that of the beacon, which not only shows a safe path, it sings out to guide and prepare, and above all that in the darkness there is another heart.



“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
The Buddha

The celtic peoples would say that everything starts in the dark; spring from winter, dawn from night, birth from the womb.

Darkness is a liminal moment of gathering and preparing from the next starburst of wonder, it is always a precursor the very next miracle.

When the shadow is darkest, real or imagined, from within or without, when the storm is at its wildest, how do we as those shining beacons, fiery forges, warming hearths, keep that single fragile, vulnerable candle flame of hope and soul burning.

The world we share may seem overwhelmed with darkness, a bad day, ill health, loss of control, every shadow that mass media can throw at us, however that hearth, that forge, that single candle, that heart, is a beacon, a vanguard, a call of hope; even a broken heart shines brightly, for every heart, every candle draws us together.

‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.
James Keller

This Gathering, is both Hearth and Forge a beacon of brightly burning hearts, singing for change, being the change, changing, neither hiding or running from the darkness, rather standing firm and celebrating the moment to come.

Let none of us ever be afraid to light a candle in the darkness; our light is the song that lifts the darkness beyond our fears.

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Teachers, Presenters and Ceremonialists

Alleson & Jonn LansellAlleson & Jonn

Alleson is founder & president of SONQO; a sanctuary for the healing arts in Snohomish, Washington USA. She is an intuitive healer, ceremonialist, teacher, shamanic practitioner, & Reiki Master.
She has journeyed extensively; sourcing directly from masters, shamans, & different medicine traditions throughout South America, the United States, & Canada. She has been afforded their permission to use her gifts sourcing directly with her lineage & guides, the archetypes, the mountains, all beings of the earth & cosmos, the spaces between consensual & non-consensual realities, & the worlds in between. She is a graduate of the Wiracocha Institute Center for Spirit & Consciousness founded by Dr. Mary Blankenship & is certified in Washington as a minister, spiritual healer, & earth steward through the International Assembly of S.H.E.S.
She has had the honor & privilege of personal initiation, rites, & advanced training with the former leader of the Q’ero nation, Don Manuel Quispe.
Jonn is a Reiki Master, Peruvian shamanic mesa carrier, a student of many traditions & teachings, & a kind & gentle soul; dedicated to sharing & teaching in all matters of spiritual consciousness.
They will be presenting ‘BIRTHING THE LIGHT; A Death Ceremony’ in which we will discover that when we fall in love with ourselves, we learn to understand and appreciate the fullness of humanity with kindness and patience. We can take that out into the world; listening and holding the light for those who do not know how. With our own light we can rest assured that they too, may find their way. It is the story of the 100th monkey or the butterfly affect. We cannot miss.

Beatrice Simmons, Cassandra Varteresian & Rob Murphy


Together they will be presenting Stars are shining brightest in Darkest Night’, in which by journey we will meet the Darkness of the deep Ocean and listen to her deep yearning and Love, the One Song of Creation deep within our own inner temple, our own inner sanctuary, and we will experience that depth of Love and Hope, that moment of creation from where the Light is born. And we will hear the Song between Mother Earth and the Stars, which sang us into being. In ceremony we will connect with the Light, in a candle ceremony we will connect with the soul light of our Ancestors, we will listen to their teaching to be the beacon, the burning lights for the ones to come.
Béatrice lives in a Swiss mountain valley where she is working in partnership with the spirits and the power of the land. She is listening to find inner stillness and true essence of light that will allow us to reconnect with the origin of creativity in respect of all the teaching of life. Béatrice has been taught for many years in the Sufi spirit and tradition. Her real heart home she found in the Shaman spirit. She is offering her Shaman services, the Alchemy of fragrances and sound as well as the F.M. AlexanderTechnique to accompany individuals as well as teaching in groups. She is offering her services in different countries and is a Director of the SCGM. She has completed the ‘Teacher Training’ and ‘Medicine for the Earth’ with Sandra Ingerman. She is an initiated Ceann-Iul of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and an ordained Elder of the Tradition. She is also a licensed Aoghair and holds the marks of the Guardianship of Water and Wind and the Soul Gatherers.
Rob is an initiated Ceann-Iul of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is a Director of the SCGM. He is an ordained Elder of the tradition. He is a practicing shaman and is attuned as a master shamanic-reiki teacher and practitioner. He has been initiated as a yatchak (shaman) into the Quichuan Path of Light tradition in by Don Esteban Tamayo in Ecuador and a shaman in the Green Path Medicine tradition of shamanism taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara and his wife Claicha, a yatchak in the Peruvian Quechua tradition, and Dr Eve Bruce. Rob was also initiated into the Brazilian shamanic tradition of the Makunaiman (one who makes others dreams come true). Rob is the founder of the Richmond Shamanic Meetup and Drum Circle. He gives workshops and classes in shamanism for the Richmond, Virginia and NYC areas and in Canada & Ireland and facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders in South America. As a graduate of Dr Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression and Between Life Soul Regression programs, he regularly uses the power of regression therapy as an integral part of his shamanic healing.
Cassandra, DOMP (Can)/RMT, has been in clinical practice for the past 16 years providing services for manual osteopathy and registered massage therapy in North Vancouver B.C. Through her personal insight and clinical experiences she was naturally drawn to the study of animist traditions. After 3 years of intensive studies as an apprentice of Rev. Ceann-luil Seanair, Dr. John-Luke Edwards she became an initiated initiated Ceann-Iuil, Pathfinder of the Sagh’ic-Tire Dhream tradition. She is also a licensed Aoghair and Smoker Dreamer and ‘poison Mistress’ to the Initiation rituals, of the tradition.

Rob will also be presenting, Pathfinder: The Journey as a Candle in the Dark This workshop will be an exploration of how to prepare ourselves to be one of the many Candles in these dark times. We will journey on how to best prepare us for this purpose. These journeys will prepare the class to be taught the technique of blowing fire where everyone will be allowed the opportunity to blow fire if they desire to. This technique is from the Quichua tradition in Ecuador, but worked from a Saghic perspective. We will work to keep our single fragile, vulnerable candle flame of hope, from sputtering out. To kindle our flames to full brightness to become that Candle in the darkness that will become “shining beacons, fiery forges, and warming hearths” for those that we meet along the path that we walk.

Christine Colling & Donni Hendersonimage

Christine is an initiated Ceann-liul Pathfinder of the Sagh’ic Tradition, and is an installed and licensed Aoghair Minister of the Sacred Circle of Great Mystery Society. She is currently undertaking advanced training with Rev. Ceann-luil Seannair, Dr John-Luke Edwards. Christine is actively involved in the community through several guardianship’s.
Donni is an initiated Ceann-luil of the Sagh’ic Tire Dream and Licensed Aoghair Minister of the SCGMS. Donni taught classes at the Conferences in 2017 and 2018. She works in the Society as Windwalker, Soul Gatherer, and is currently training as Dreamweaver. She has portrayed Bo the Cow in the Conference pageants for the last 3 years. Donni spent many years working in mental health as workshop facilitator and support worker. She taught the value of wholeness of body, mind and spirit for total health. Donni loves music and the performing arts.
Together they are presenting Starlight in the Darkness’. In the Sagh’ic tradition, one saga tells of the first man, Fear [Fah] who, unable to face his true self, fled into the forest and fell into a deep slumber filled with vivid dreams. The world lives in Fear’s dream and in living within Fear’s dream, we are burdened by our fears. Fear of judgement, fear of being different, and fear of being abandoned. We gather in ceremony to recognize the burdens we carry and in an act of love and forgiveness we return to resonance with ourselves, and each other.

Dana JackenovaDana

Dana since her birth had a strong connection to elements of waters, forests, hills, meadows and fields. Since her early childhood she has been immersed by her ancestors and ancestral lands in herbal medicinal craft as well as art of singing and dancing of Northen Slavonic ancient tradition. Dana is initiated Ceann-iuil, Pathfinder of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Tradition, residing in West Vancouver. Dana has been involved in the Sagh’ic community as a Water Bearer, Earth Stander and Fire Guardian.
She will be presenting ‘One Heart Aflame in which we will discover that even when we might feel afraid and alone, being in the darkness, we are never alone. We will ignite a spark in our hearts to illuminate our own path and become a beacon for the heart next to us. We will merge our hearts and beacons together to become Candles in the darkness for ourselves and each other.
This ceremony is the reflection of the First Song of our primal Grandmother, of her call from the darkness and perceived loneliness which we fear. That Call of that deep longing to be with each other, of that eternal yearning to be in a relationship. We will learn how to break through the fear of loneliness, how to inflame our own hearts and bring our hearts together in harmony. We will experience that together we are One Heart Aflame.

Diana Tracy & Fritz MunteanDiana & Fritz Photo

Diana & Fritz will be presenting, ‘Reconciliation: Integrating Light and Dark’. In order to light Candles in the Darkness we must first travel into the Darkness. This journey is not easy nor is it not safe. We must prepare ourselves, learn what we need to know in order to make the journey; the real journey, and to survive. Once we’ve arrive in the Darkness, the Land that lies below the Surface of Memory, we must find the means by which our candles can be Then, and this is the most difficult and important part, we must bring the light back to the Word as We Know It!
Diana is a veteran storyteller, singer and composer, as well as a master builder of masks, costumes, and strange puppets! She is also an Initiated Ceann-Iuil/Pathfinder.
Fritz has a graduate degree in Religious Studies.


Dipankar Panth, Elina Wisung, Diya Naidu and Pankhuri Agrawal, are the first Initiand Ceann-Iuil from the Bangalore, India Community, being initiated in 2019. They will be presenting, ‘इनर डांस; The Inner Dance’ a participatory ceremony of healing through dance, performance and art.

Heli SalfHeli Salf

Heli lives in Põlvamaa, Estonia, her journey to self discovery started with a book about spiritual journeys that she read in the 90s. From there new books, new discoveries, new people came to her naturally. She has completed studies about conflictology from 2005 – 2007 and has also completed Biosensoric Healing course in the Bioenergetics Institute in Saint Petersburg. She is also has Reiki Level III,  a crystal therapist, a theta healer and a sanctified by the Avalon Priesthood in England as Priestess of Avalon, Celtic Wicca Witch and healer. Heli says, “I love mountains. For over 10 years I knew I have to visit two places – Peru and Tibet. I made a self discovery journey to Tibet in 2010. As I was playing with a little girl on the street with rocks, it reminded me to have compassion towards myself and the world. Living in western civilisation has made us forgotten to have compassion towards others, animals, nature.”
She will be presenting, ‘Meeting the Ancestors, a shamanic journey & meditation.” Participants will be guided in shamanic meditation to journey to meet ancestors. People will “travel” through a fairy tale forest to the glade,  to meet the ancestors, and to ask what is needed need during this time. This will be “our time” to be truly honest with ourselves, to open our souls and let go all negative thought patterns.  This shamanic journey will enlarge consciousness, clean mind of negative patterns, and create new bridges between person and ancestors.  Heli will offer this twice as a healing meditation circle

Jeff StocktonJeff Stockton 2

Jeff is from Calgary, Alberta and is a ceremonialist in the Celtic tradition. His studies and training in animism began in 1996 on the strings of the Celtic harp, and inform and nourish his work in the wider world. In addition to his work in the Celtic Traditions, Jeff weaves song and story on the strings of the harp in performance and recorded works. He is a Director of the SCGMS and Reverend Elder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition in which he holds the title ‘Ciaradh Tean-Astir (Dark Eye)’ and a Licensed Aoghair Minister of the Society. He holds and carries duties for the elemental Guardianships of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Dark, Order of the Raven Dead and co leads the Sealgari; Tribal Hunters.
Jeff will offer a series of early morning meditations to re-kindle and re-new our own beacon fires. ‘Solas Amháin Ar Lasadh – One Light Burning’ – When the darkness is heavy, even the smallest of lights can be the most brilliant of beacons. Fire, honey, heart and harpsong to sing in the promise of the new day.
He will also be presenting the evening ceremony ‘Can Go N-ardófar An Dorchadas – Sing Until The Darkness Is Lifted’
Song is fire. Song is life. The ancient stories tell us that creation is Song. In our modern world, we forget…and thus lose our way in the dark times. An evening ceremony weaving the power of Song into a brilliant, fiery beacon – to better light (and dance!) a better way forward together.

John-Luke EdwardsIMG_0461 2 2 copy

John-Luke is Presidor of the SCGMS, and called by Ancestral Spirits to awaken Ceann-Iuil and gather, as ‘Ciar-Sùil à Dorchar Cuchair – the Dark Hunter’, the nomadic family into Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. John-Luke is a Reverend Ceann-iuil and Elder Seanair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and sits on the Ordination Gyre and the Council of the Tradition. He is a licensed Aoghair of the Society, as well as Signatory for the SCGMS Ministry Denomination. He has a private Spirit Healing & Intervention practice and runs a series of workshops, teaching sessions, on-line training and interactive groups. He also organises workshops for men to hunt their hearts as well as facilitating the celebration of the ancient rituals of the Clan. He will lead the morning ceremonies, ‘Na Ceithre Soilse; the Four Lights’, which will culminate in the Stone Wood & Bone evening ceremony. And with the Fire Guardians will lead the evening Ceremony, “Ag siúl le Athair – Walking with Father Fire”.

Joseph AbbotJoe

Joe is an initiated Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder of the Sagh’ic Tradition and Aoghair Minister with SCGMS. Jow is underatking his journey towards Eldership. He has been a teacher at the SCGM Gatherings since 2014 . He has traveled in the USA, Canada. The Mediterranean and South America during his Naval Service as a Hospital Corpsman. He has worked as a Nurse and Medical Scientist and has seen first-hand the devastation that PTSD has caused to both first responders, military. Also those who feel marginalized due to personal trauma. He has had a strong connection to the ocean, mountains and forest since birth and uses this connection in his work with others. He currently resides in South West Washington state in Westport Wa.
Joe will be presenting,
Confronting and Banishing the Ghosts of the 3 Demons.’
Without expectation we stir up additional ghosts, along with the ones already haunting us. Some have ghosts that whisper to us telling us that we need them, that to let them go, is to abandon who you are. They convince us that their fears are our  fears. We will take this moment in time, to look at ourselves once more and in ceremony to see those ghosts, to banish them 

Kelsey MillarKelseyHeadshot

Kelsey is an Initiated Ceann-luil in the Sagh’ic Tradition, as well as a licensed Aoghair Minister. Her experience serving people who are part of the Mental Health Community over the last 8 years has now brought her to live in Inuvik, up inside the Canadian Arctic Circle. There she serves the Gwich’in and Inuvialuit people running Restorative Circles, Diversions (Restorative Justice Circles), and assists in Healing Circles with the Elders of the community. She officially works with offenders in the Criminal Justice System, but has yet to work with a person  who isn’t also a victim of crime and intergenerational trauma. Holding that in her heart, her approach with the people she serves is one of compassion, an offering of education if they choose to engage, and the holding of space with no judgement. In her own time Kelsey cans jams and incredibly garlicky dillybeans, bakes all kinds of crusty breads from the wild yeast she lovingly cultivated (her sourdough starter’s name is MukTuk) , and dabbles in fiber arts like sewing, crocheting, and weaving.
She will be presenting ‘Circle Up’. Circles are a tool of healing for entire communities, a place to bring and then leave behind the old wounds and fears and things we carry that we don’t need to. Circles are true open communication that can break down barriers, and reconnect people who participate in them. Engaging in Circle is an act of courage and true strength. We will be given the opportunity to learn about the application of Circles done in the Arctic in a unique Intercultural way, and how every Circle is a candle in the darkness for those who need community, healing, and to leave behind that which blocks their inner fire. 


Dr. Lauri Shainsky

lauriLauri facilitates connection between spirits, sound and humans through ceremony, her healing practice and coursework in shamanic sound healing. She is committed to people learning that they are not alone, and that they are supported by a council of spirits who orchestrate the perfection of their life’s path. She is moved by the plight of animals on earth and contributes to their healing in whatever way she can. She co-owns and runs a small retreat center (Hidden Lake Retreat) in the foothills of the Cascades, where most of her sound work is done. Lauri is an Associate Healer and Teacher at the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine, is the school/community’s ceremonial singer and lodge pourer, an elder and always a Student and Servant of the Divine.

Linda HarperLinda Harper

Linda is an initiated Ceann-Iuil Pathfinder in the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream/Woven Path Tradtion; a licenced Aoghair (minister) of the Sagh’ic/SCGMS and a Holy Fire Reiki Master. She is a Fire Guardian and trained Fire Walk Tender in the Sagh’ic Tradition and is currently undertaking advanced training as a Star Stander of the Sagh’ic.  Her primary teacher in the Wolven Path Tradition is John-Luke Edwards.  She has studied Reiki with Colleen Benelli and Sound Healing from Lauri Shainsky.  Linda operates her business, Belle Rosa Reiki, from her home; giving healing to her friends, family and cancer patients referred to her from the local hospital in Keizer, Oregon.  For over 35 years she has been a fiber artist, spinning, weaving and building Medicine Shields under the guidance of her spiritual teacher, Medicine Shield Woman.

Melanie MongeIMG_1732

Melanie’s passion has always been horses. From the first time she saw one in a field she has been drawn to them. Because of that deep heart connection she began exploring what it means to live within the space of the heart.
In creating HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary and Healing Center she has brought many aspects of healing together. The beauty of Central Oregon with the Cascade Range as the backdrop offers the energetic setting that nurtures the diverse herd that has landed here. They have come to facilitate healing and transformation to all who come with open hearts and open minds. Most of her life has been that of seeking. Melanie is an initiated Ceann-Iuil Pathfinder in the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream/Woven Path Tradtion; a licenced Aoghair (minister) of the Sagh’ic/SCGMS. she has studiued reiki with Colleen Benelli she is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master. Additional training as a horse guided educator and coach through the Epona approach developed by Lind Kohanov gives her a base for the horse human work she is passionate about. Additionally, she is focused on animal healing combining Reiki, Shamanism and essential oils to create healing for her rescued animals in need. Several times a year she assists Sioux Strong in teaching animal reiki at her ranch as well as facilitating mask making workshops, etc. She has studied shamanism with Jan Engels-Smith and sound healing with Lauri Shainsky. Other interests are creative writing, mask making(masks of empowerment), beekeeping , gardening and other craft work.
Together Linda & Melanie will be offering, ‘Reiki in the Darkness’, their goal for the participants will be for them to discover the power of the light and of the darkness inside themselves.  To find a true connection, full of love, without fear.

Melanie will also be offering, ‘The Flame within the darkness; mask making’ . Melanie says, “….my goal is for the participants to be able to relax into the darkness in order to see the light within, the possibility and passion that they can foster. Also, to be able to relax into the heart and make a mask. Often there is anxiety about creating something artistically. Folks often go into their heads and get stuck blocking that innate creative flow…..”

Marcia Wakarchukface_drum_white

Marcia is a leader of healing and transformation in adults and children through movement. She is a therapeutic movement practitioner, 5Rhthyms®dance facilitator, movement educator and dance teacher. She has a passion for movement to help soothe the heart, connect to the soul and awaken the physical body. She felt the calling through her guides to create safe and sacred space to all who want an embodied personal gateway into alternate realities. Her compassionate and skilled facilitation offers participants a way back to spirituality in the body through ecstatic trance dance.
She will be offering Embracing the Shadow to Reveal the Light’. This workshop utilizes the 5Rhythms ecstatic trance dance as a transformative practice to nurture us and lead us deeper into our embodied heart where our candle can burn brightly. Individuals will have opportunity to use dance as a method to Journey. They will interact with each other and come together as a unified group with a common goal to connect with each other, their guides, ancestors, descendants, and Spirits.

Mya Wolffmya copy

Mya, traditionally Pàirteach Mòirneas, is an initiated Ceann-Iuil and Animist Minister with the tradition of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream, herbalist, yogi, singer, dancer, and outreach & youth worker from Vancouver, BC. Mya walks as light a path as she can in service to and in tune with Mother Earth, and dedicates much of her life to the exploration of mental health, addictions and trauma treatment and healing through community resources, ancestral wisdom, spirit work and ceremony.She also works tirelessly in service to her LGBTQIA community to provide safe, accessible spaces for all genders and identities to find healing. She is an active supporter of anti-oppression work, including Indigenous resistance against resource extraction, anti-racist campaigns, wildlife conservation, forest/jungle preservation, migrant and workers rights and animal liberation.
In the realm of yoga, she is a 500hr advanced certified teacher in the Dharma tradition which follows the teachings of her Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra.  She has roots in Anusara, Jivamukti, Tantra and Yin.  Her classes weave in her love of music and song with her devotion (Bhakti) to the ancient yogic traditions as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and are an endless dedication to compassion, freedom and wellbeing for all.
Mya will be facilitating ‘Beacon in The Night’In these busy, frantic and chaotic times, we have become blinded by distractions.We have lost our way from the forest and from one another, and we find ourselves scrambling in the darkness unsure of the way out.In order to find our way back, we must find that song within ourselves, remember the light of our hearts, and begin to come together as community so that we collectively find the way back. We are that beacon in the night, and together, we may journey home. This workshop is an offering to find that song within, and to begin to allow that song, which is one with Mora-oa-Creon, to be that beacon in the darkness for others who are lost.The shadows that we find ourselves lost in are indeed a part of each and every one of us, and together, we will deepen our understanding of what it is to sing the song of the heart, and allow that song to carry our communities up and out of despair.We will explore the tradition of Keening, its roots and functions according to Sagh’ic, and we will begin to take that song within and send it out not only as that beacon, but also as a deep offering to the ancestral spirits. Finally, as we move from deep introspection outwards, we will shift into a traditional healing ceremony where we can open our hearts, share our songs, and work towards that unity of community in service to one another and to Mathair Tei, our sweet Mother Earth.

Sarah Salter-KellySarah Salter-Kelly

Sarah is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Shaman whose specialty lays in guiding others to transform their suffering with compassion, love and ceremony. Her style is clear and comprehensive, enabling each participant to consider their power to heal themselves, and get curious about how this may unfold.
She will be offering ‘Trauma as Medicine’. In times of old when we lived closer to the land, the forests and the sea, it was known by many, that a warrior of the spirit must have the courage to transform fear. It was said that each conflict, trauma or suffering that arose for the individual, when met, held a teaching, which served the whole. This practice generated medicine for the people. Many years later we call forth these ancient Ancestors, inviting them into this alchemical program where we learn how to make medicine from our own trauma for personal and collective healing.

Stephanie MillsStephanie Mills

Rev. Elder Ceann-Iuil Stephanie Mills is Ordained within the Sagh ic –Tire Dhream Tradition and is a Director on the Board of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Society as well as being the Chair of the US Chapter of the Society. She holds duties for the Elemental Guardianships within her tradition as well as leads the Water Bearers and co-leads the women’s Soul Gatherers Guardianship and she is one of the Green Mothers of Art-S-Wath. Stephanie is a Licensed Aoghair within the Ministry of the SCGM Society. She lives in Bellingham, WA.
Stephanie will be offering us the evening ceremony, ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’

Terra MentzTerra

Terra is an initiated Ceann-Iuil of the Sagh’ic Tire-Dhream tradition, as well as a folk herbalist who practices traditional animist spirit healing and creates self-care rituals & organic holistic herbal products for her business Terrasoul Herbs from her home in Deep Cove, BC. She is intrigued by the ancient stories of the land; a history steeped in traditions forgotten, misplaced and caked in a layer of dust. She delights in the surprising nature of plants to show up just when you need them, and the messages they whisper if one dares take a moment to listen. Her dream is to help restore an appreciation of herbal medicine, magic and wholeness through self-care to the daily conscious, one herbal creation, ceremony and healing ritual at a time. Terra is humbled to learn and sing the forgotten songs of her Ancestors, and to partake in the Great Song of the world.
She will be co-presenting with Mya Wolff, ‘Germination of the Soul’. Everything begins in the darkness. Just as new shoots germinate in the warm dark earth, so do introspection, healing and growth begin in the darkness of our shadowed selves. Join us as we spend some time getting to know the medicinal, edible and spiritual benefits of the local flora. As we reconnect with the land, which is sacred to our yearly communion with each other, we see how this ripples out to the lands we inhabit and also to the lands of and plants graciously used by our ancestors. 
This beautiful earth is abused day in and day out by us humans, particularly because we have forgotten the ways that our ancestors once interacted with her in harmony. By reacquainting ourselves with the land and all of her deeply healing gifts, we remind ourselves and one another that we are not separate.  We not only are reminded to care for this planet with every ounce of dedication that we can muster, but we are also reminded that we once were able to heal ourselves, and that this knowledge is sacred and incredibly crucial in these days of disconnection and chaos.  

Tom Blaschko

Tom BlaschkoTom has been interested in souls, soul reality, and reawakening our world since before he was born. He has 47 years of experience with ki in Shotokan Karate. He has also studied with Incan shaman Adolfo Ttito Condori, American shamans Betsy Bergstrom & Ana Larramendi, Incarnational Spirituality teacher David Spangler, Faery Seer and Southern Conjure worker Orion Foxwood. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology, and a Master’s degree in developmental psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Scientific influences include research by Rupert Sheldrake on morphic fields, Ian Stevenson’s studies of people who remember past lives, analysis of the effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques and other energy healing, and research on ki by Kuo Kanshin and Shigeru Egami’s group. Tom combined the scientific research with stories about soul reality from thousands of credible people.
He will be offering ‘Soul at the centre of all practice’. Souls are at the center of everything we do in soul reality. Each type of being has its own variation on the basic structure of the soul. Knowing the structure of our soul lets us find our personal paths more clearly and work more effectively with other humans. Knowing the structural differences in other beings’ souls allows us to interact better with each of them. When we know that every being, in a body and not, has a soul with its own spark of the creator, our place in the worlds becomes clearer.
This ceremony will give participants new ways to see the flames in each of us and ways to combine our flames into brighter beacons.

Wind’s Blade


Silver Thompson, Rob Esser, Jan Rennie, Kate Croft and Kai Macauley, the 2019 Initiands will  be offering ‘Dark to Light.’

celtic border 1-800x800


It is also our Intention for this and all Conferences & Gatherings presentations in common to raise a consciousness of forgiveness & surrender as part of our commitment to global harmony and the deepening equal relationship between all the children of the Earth and the Spirits. Such is a committed prayer in Spirit to the survival of our planet and in hope for our species.

Through and by this Gathering as with all our Gatherings, we support Reforestation and demarcation of ancestral lands of The Pataxó People and the People of The Guarani in the Brazilian forest, and the continued support and sponsorship of a boy and girl in Mali, a girl in India and a boy in Nepal. We have also taken on supporting an SOS children’s village in Nepal.

This Conference is prescribed by direct spirit intervention and will be a full ceremonial gathering of morning meditations, morning focus ceremonial plenaries on  maintaining ourselves as beacons and guides in the darkness, with afternoon choices of workshops and teachings, healings, ceremonies. Each day will culminate in an Evening Ceremony for the whole gathering, to consolidate and celebrate the day’s work and prepare for the following day.

There will a market place for participants to display and sell their personal work, healing ceremonies and quiet time, plus the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops.

The conference will be a full 5 days, and have more opportunities for the entire gathering to be together, also shorter workshops, with the choice of adding pre-conference modules, which includes an extra 2 days before conference opening and the opportunity for a post reflection, networking and packing day after conference closing.

If you require further guidance or information, please email generalscgmss@gmail.com