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Ghost Hunt

Ghosts are the mGhost Huntemories of regret, they are “Ní spiorad marbh”. They haunt us, calling us through guilt and shame, this haunting keeps us in the shadows that conceal our path forwards; we are the prey they hunt.

The ghost of our Ancestors call to us to join in reconciliation and completion. They call to us of forgiveness of our addiction to the incomplete and the unfinished; they are the prey we hunt.

We call through this hunt, which is a sympathetic dance of lament, we kill and are killed. We are born and give birth. We sing and dance for the World and all our kindred, to be free, to be brave, to be warriors.

This is a sacred ceremony of compassionate healing of ourselves and of our communities. We will dance and we will sing and we will be one in the healing.



When: Saturday September 7, 2014
Time: 10:00 for 10.30am – 5pm
Where: Community Room, 8740 Forest Grove Drive, Burnaby
Cost: $20 ($15 if you attend Hunters & Gatherers)
Please bring: a clear bottle (and cork) to decorate, some lunch and wear white clothes
Contact: 604 209 6980

Pagan Pride


We have been invited to attend Pagan Pride. We will be celebrating the ancient ‘Milk & Blood’ Ceremony and offering The Blue Tent.

Alongside Blue Tent will be an information table for membership, training, and conferences.

We need as many people as possible to assist with the ceremony, support the Elders with The Blue Tent and be on hand with the information table.

When: September 6th 2014, all day.
Venue: Trout Lake, 3360 Victoria Drive, Vancouver,BC V5N 4M4 Map
Contact: 604 209 6980

Sacred Medicine Wheel Gathering

Sacred MWGWhen: Saturday, August 30th 2014, from 12am to 7pm

Venue: Claudia’s Medicine Wheel, 1621 NE Blacksmith Drive, Belfair, WA. 98528,

Things to Bring:  Bring drums, rattles, Shamanic Power Tools, food for potluck, and rocks to add to the wheel. Might bring a chair too.

Directions: From Bremerton take the Hwy 3 South exit from Gorst. At the first light, turn right (Sam Christopherson). Go to the stop sign, and take a left. (Belfair Valley Rd. aka Old Belfair Hwy). Go about 7 miles. When you see the Bear Creek Store on your left, take the next road (Bear Creek Dawatto) to the right. Go about 6.8 miles. There are mile markers. On your left, will be a large dirt road turn off with a large sign that says Blacksmith Lake. Take that left.

Continue on the dirt road for about 1.5 miles. The road curves about a bit, but the pot holes have been fixed; so it should be pretty smoothe. Go a little ways (about 1/4 mile) after you pass the motorcycle yard art (on the left), the road will take a sharp curve to the left with another road going off to the right. You need to stay on Blacksmith Dr. so bear left. After some bouncing about, and a curve to the right, you’ll see the number 1501 on your left. Just past that, the road will dip down. If there are clear skies, you’ll catch a wonderful view of the Olympics. At the bottom of the dip is a driveway to the left with reflector posts on either side. That’s my first driveway. I’ve put up a sign at that driveway of a medicine wheel with Bear in the center. You’ll need to go to the very next driveway that takes you behind the house to a large parking area.

From Gig Harbor, Tacoma etc: Take Hwy 16 west toward Bremerton. As you pass the Tremont/Old Clifton Rd exit, you’ll need to get into the left lane within the next mile or so. Take the Hwy 3 South toward Belfair/Shelton exit. It exits off of the left lane. When you come to the stoplight, go straight. Go to the stop sign, turn left and follow the directions above.
From Belfair, Allyn and points south. Take Hwy 3 North to Belfair. At the light next to the Safeway, turn left. Go to the 4 way stop, and turn right onto Old Belfair Hwy. Go just past the mile marker 3, and watch for signs indicating the Bear Creek/Dawatto Rd. Turn left onto Bear Creek Dawatto, and follow the directions above.

Event run by: Steven C. Pepping (Star Bird)

Contact: My house number is 1621 NE Blacksmith Dr., Belfair, WA 98528. Phone is 360-205-3553.

Blood Fire

As the Sun and Moon turn and the seasons move towards the coming of the Great Dark and the First Fire.
We are gathering together to honour our place
in the Great Cycle and Turning.
The Ceremony of Blood Fire is a calling to First Fire to show our willingness to take the journey of life to death;

A gathering of joy and sacrifice.
Blood Fire is a stepping into the River of Blood that flows from the Ancestors to the Descendants, to be both Descendant and Ancestor.

Please bring some food & drink to place on the communal dining table.
Please wear the colors of Blood and Fire.

Fire Pit Amphitheatre,
Easter Seals Camp,
Government Road,
Squamish BC

July 27th 2014
10.30 – 5pm
Cost $20 per participant
Comfortable red clothing and a blanket
Please bring food and drink for the communal table
and some wood for the fire

Contact: 604 209 6980