Bones of the Ancestors – 4th BC Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

May 9th – 13th 2012
Easter Seals Camp, Squamish, BC, Canada

List of Presenters | Conference Mission

This conference/gathering brought together a worldwide Shamanic Community, of various Clans, Tribes, Traditions and Families of other countries that came together in Community, in accordance to the Wolven Path Tradition; which called to everyone to join the Gathering and celebrate the Earth, the Stars, the Spirits and the magic of each other. It was in this Community we came to share our wisdom, our experience, our spirit, our blessings, and our healing.

This Conference was a ceremonial gathering; One Large Ceremony, in which each part, presentation, workshop and participant was called to be a prayerful ritual that sanctified the ceremony.

This grace flowed from the Opening Ceremony where bone bundles were created and honoured every morning, followed by the creation and honouring of the Bone Mother and the community’s succour to Her and the Ancestors. Each morning provided the base and grounding for the afternoon rituals journeys/presentations that all had bearing on the mornings work.

The mornings were led by Tom Cowan, Christina Pratt and John-Luke Edwards; held together by the music of Jeff Stockton.

Each Evening Ceremony gathered the whole day & the Community, and offered it and them, forward to the Ancestors.

This culminated in the Gathering of all the ‘forward offerings’ in a final afternoon ceremony on the last day around the Bone Mother and First Ancestor, lead by Tom Cowan, Christina Pratt, Elsa & Howard Malpas, Jeff Stockton & John-Luke Edwards, in a releasing the Ancestral duties and opening the way for the Descendants, which culminated in the creation of a permanent Peace Cairn into which every participant was asked to make a commitment into.
“I found this sharing informative and entertaining. This energy balancing and anchoring, a strong point in the triangle of John Luke, Tom and Christina as the three main Conference Holders.”

In this way this Conference and Gathering was a focussed event of powerful healing through consolation, and redemption in the relationship between ourselves and the Ancestors which will ripple out as a common act for all our relations and kin and for the communities we come from and return to.

The gathering was a sacred, colourful and moving weave of ceremonies, rituals, teachings, workshops and presentations brought together into this ceremonial matrix. The Ancestors and Descendants were called to be with us, walking, talking, singing and dancing in an intimacy we had forgotten or neglected.

It was also our Intention for this Gathering to evoke a consciousness of forgiveness & surrender as part of our commitment to global harmony and the deepening equal relationship between all the children of the Earth and the Spirits. Such is a committed prayer in Spirit to the survival of our planet.

This Conference was prescribed by direct spirit intervention and was a full conference of morning meditations, morning focus plenaries on the Ancestral journeys with afternoon choices of workshops, teachings, healings and ceremonies. Each day culminated in an Evening Ceremony for the whole gathering.

There was a Shaman market, healing ceremonies and some quiet time, plus the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops and the Initiation Ceremony of 9 new Shaman to the Wolven Path Tradition & Lineage.

The conference was a full 5 days of powerful healing, processing and interaction with the spirits.

It is and was our principle to try and make the Conference & Gathering as accessible to as many as possible. And through this we had participants from across Canada, the USA, England, Switzerland, New Zealand and South Africa.