Conference Mission

The focus of this conference was directed by the spirits and called to and for an awareness of the Bones of all the Ancestors.

It seemed auspicious that in 2012 we were called by the Ancestors to gather with this intent. Our modern societies of need, greed, possession, speed, superficiality has left behind our deepest spiritual roots. In this we have neglected the Ancestors by whose blood and breath we are here. We pay lip service to the honouring of our dead and we selfishly ignore those to be born. We disinter the bones of the earth with mining and our desire for crystals and fuel; we move through the earth deforesting, bringing animals to extinction and desecrating the ancients sacred sites; we fill our museums with the ancestral dead, without ceremony or honour.

 Our dead wander unrequited by clinical and cursory funerary rites; dismissed from partaking in the journey that we selfishly guard and control.

We have forgotten that we are the transient pathway between the Ancestors and the Descendants; that we ourselves are in the same breath both Ancestor and Descendant. By neglecting and dismissing our dead, we dishonour ourselves and staunch the flow of the two rivers, blood and breath that could, should maybe not, dream the Descendants into being. We have been remiss in celebrating the Ancestors that sing to and call us to sing to the ones to come.

This is the prophecy of 2012 we were asked to pay heed to.

Under this Ancestral Ordinand we were called to gather at this conference and to honour, celebrate, appreciate and relate to our Ancestors of all the children of the Earth.