Conference Mission

This Conference was a unified and integrated ceremonial gathering; One Large Ceremony, in which each part, presentation, workshop and participant was called to be a prayerful ritual that sanctified, bound, wove, and gathered the Ceremony in a healing act of forgiveness, by  tending to the Earth, and calling to the Descendants.

As humans we have wandered far from our primal relationship with the Forest; our equal status with all Children of the Forest. We have made ourselves superior; caretakers, overlords, guardians of the earth; we have made the Earth ours.

We have forgotten through fear, pride and judgement that the earth is not ours, we are of the Earth. We have stepped out of the Gaian family and made ourselves outcasts, no longer listening to the pleas and lamentations of our Forest kin to return.

In that alienation we have destroyed forests and lands, we are the cause of the extinction of our forest brethren, we ‘heal’ the planet to suit our needs, we encroach without permission, pity, thought into the lands and habitats of all others that share this planet. We have lost our humility as children of the Earth.

The Elementals spirits and beings of this world work tirelessly for our healing and return to the Forest; the animals, and environment try to contain us; we have become locusts upon the bosom of our Mother; Máthair Tei.

When the Earth sang to the stars, the song was so powerful it became the Great Tree and as the first star fell, the song was echoed in every tree that sprang form Her belly; she is the Forest, she is the trees, she is the song that calls us home.


The Conference and Gathering was held with special attention and connection to the Pataxó Tribe in the Brazilian Jungle. We networked and prayed synchcronistically with the Chief and Paje of this tribe in the reforestation of their tribal lands; as part of this work every participant at the Gathering sponsored trees to be planted by the people of the Pataxó for their descendants.

It was a great honour that we had been given permission to use one of their songs and dances for this conference and that Chief Araçaí is considering being with us at the 2014 Conference

We were called through this Conference & Gathering to be humble again, to be innocent again, to surrender and return to our place within the family that calls to us.

2012 (year 1):  ‘Bones of the Ancestors’ was the first step of the 13 month long journey, trial and commitment that the Ancient Ones from the Time Before Time has asked and called for; we called the Ancestors to be with us in our amnesiac struggle. Now it is time to go to and be with them and ask for the Descendants, making and clearing the paths to the Descendants for whom we are the Ancestors.

2013 (year 2): ‘Return to the Forest’; we opened ourselves to those who already call us ancestors; and became the song for the Descendants.

2014 (year 3): ‘Returning to 4 Legs’, will be to understand our equality with all the Children of the Earth

Through and by our Intention for this and all Conferences & Gatherings presentations in common we trust we raised a consciousness of forgiveness & surrender as part of our commitment to global harmony and the deepening equal relationship between all the children of the Earth and the Spirits. Such is the committed prayer in Spirit to the survival of our planet and in hope for our species.

As the Wheel of Seasons turns the Great Tree comes to the Shadow of the Western Twilight; it is inevitable that stories end so that they can be told again and new stories sung.

With over 112 souls gathered, together as one we honoured those before and those to come. We sung to the trees and souls and hearts both close and far. We created memories that will be our own ancestral sagas and some of these will be sent and held sacred in the Atlantic Rainforest of the Pataxó as teaching stories for their descendants.

The Ancestors and Elders asked to be remembered; it is only by them that we the Descendants are here, and only by our actions that the Descendants are just over the horizon of time. The Ancestors and Elders want us to know we are already dead and become Ancestral dust for our Descendants. The Ancestors and Elders ask for respect of their lives that bring us to the doorway of and for the Descendants. The Ancestors and Elders ask for sacrifice, however small, even the sacrifice that a child would make.

Observe and give thanks for every bone that comes to you – as food, as clothing, as shelter – honour each, even the tiniest and give thanks for your bones that sing to the ones that will come because of them.

However and anyway we can accomplish their requests, we’ll keep the Wheel of Seasons turning and the River of Blood and Breath flowing. All of us were asked to be mindful to the Ancestors’ prayers for us and the Descendants prayers to us. Let us never forget to be observant of our prayerful tending of them as they tend us.

As we said our farewells and took our leave of this Gathering, with every footstep from there, we were asked to be mindful that everyone and everything around and that which comes into and out of our lives is a reminder to our ancestral destiny as we are to theirs. Honour every Elder of every being, honour all the young, hold space with our own relatives and Ancestors, honour and respect the path of all who are in the same journey. In this small way the Ancestors will be remembered and their wisdom with ours will flow to the Descendants who will be the shining star of the Time to Come.


Blessings of Spirit on all our Paths,

And on those of us yet to be.