List of Presenters

We are honoured & blessed by the spirits who sent us all the wisdom & prayers our teachers will bring to us in this ceremonial gathering:

Christina PrattReverend Pathfinder Shaman Christina Pratt;  from Oregon; radio presenter of ‘Shamanism Now’ and author of the ‘Encyclopaedia of Shamanism’, Christina is an Initiated Pathfinder Shaman and Reverend Elder of the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition and a member of the SSP and a Director of the SCGMSS and the SCGMSS(US). She presented ‘Through the Eye of Time’,  a ceremony which invoked the Ancestors and the Descendants to help the Living return to right relationship with themselves, with each other, with the environment and with the spirit world. “She is so joyful, so passionate, so wise.”

Tom CowanTom Cowan; from Highland NY, who has been a shamanic practitioner for over 25 years. He has studied with and taught for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He is the author of several books on shamanism and Celtic spirituality. He is also a minister in the Circle of the Sacred Earth and on the Board of Directors of the SSP and a member & Director of the SCGMSS. He offers shamanic training workshops and spiritual retreats in North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Ireland, Scotland, and England. He presented ‘The Wild Forest’ in which we gathered to explore the forest of magic and mystery, to discover its energies, its secret places, the Life Force that is so present among the living and dying trees. In journey and ceremony, we will looked at the forest as the road to Faerie, the power of the sacred clearing , and traditional forest spirits, Finn MacCool, the Green Man, and the Glaistig, and honoured Deer as the spirit of the forest. “Tom is such a wonderful teacher. Our work was sacred and full of learning.”

Jeff StocktonJeff Stockton; from Calgary is a Shamanic practitioner in the Celtic tradition.His studies and training in the shamanic realm began in 1996 on the strings of the Celtic harp, and inform and nourish his work in the wider world.  In addition to his work in the Shamanic realm, Jeff weaves song and story on the strings of the harp in performance and recorded works. He is a Director of the SCGMSS and Reverend Elder of the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. He facilitated a series of early morning meditations ‘Droichead idir Domhain’ so we could bask in the power and radiance of Grandfather Fire and build together the bridge into the brightening morning as the sun rose over the peaks. He also be lead the morning plenary sessions, “The Yrgriddian Bridge’ and co facilitated with Angela Prider in ‘Songs of Return’ and co-led the male part of the final Evening ceremony. “I always was drawn to hear Jeff’s stories and songs, Loved them!”

Vladisalav MatrenitskyDr. Vladislav Matrenitsky; will be teaching the  origin and tradition of shamanic throat singing, as well as to giving a direct experience of how the throat singing can change the state of their consciousness. Vladislav lives and work in Kiev, Ukraine. He is the only student of Nikolay Oorzhak who authorized him to teach the throat singing and Un-Hun system.  Currently Vladislav works independently, develops the Un-Hun system and makes a research on its effectiveness on health and longevity. In 2011, after presentation his work at several European conferences, he co-founded the revised European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA). Vladislav  offered ‘The Voice of the Ancestors: Overtone Throat singing in Tuvan-Siberian Shamanism’ as a tool to connect to the Upper World, and he brought his voice and song to the final evening ceremony. “Great balance of story telling,teaching,and experience, I learned a lot….. it was one of the best workshops I attended.”

Annie SpencerAnnie Spencer; a ceremonialist and workshop leader with an Oxford MA and a diploma in Humanistic Psychology, has been running groups and trainings for over 25 years including the groundbreaking Women’s Mysteries courses. Annie has co-founded a number of spiritual and healing initiatives within her community including Openings, the Bath based centre for therapies and group work; the Arcania programme (now The Sacred Trust) which has brought many indigenous teachers to Britain; and her own Hartwell, centre for shamanic and ceremonial ways. Her writing on earth mysteries, women’s mysteries and ceremony can be regularly found in many major publications. More recently, Annie has been developing work with young people: she has worked for ten years on an initiation ceremony in Vermont USA; and co designs camps for teenagers with Circle of Life Rediscovery, bringing earth based spiritual traditions to the youth of today. Annie led the second of the morning plenaries, ‘The Moment Between’, She told us that the roots of our lives are stars of inspiration for those to come and that we likewise perceive the dangling roots of our ancestors as stars in the firmament. Taking us into the forest we learnt from the trees, firmly rooted and reaching up, how best to give and receive in the moment in between that we are. She also facilitated the women’s ceremony, ‘Circle of the Eight Directions’, giving a framework for women to explore their life’s journey and touch on the initiations that life brings us. Annie also led the story circle, ‘Raven’s Story’. “Beautiful to behold the women in the group gobbling up what she spoke of. Everyone walked away with a sense of sisterhood and acknowledgment.”

Michael DunningMichael Dunning; born in Glasgow Scotland. He was led to an incalculably ancient female yew tree after a near death encounter with a powerful Elemental Tree Spirit in the far north near Thurso. The tree transmitted a form of initiation knowledge and a method of shamanic healing that he has named Yewshamanism – The Essence of the Five Trees Teachings. He understands his initiation as the continuation of an unbroken Tree of life ‘blood’ lineage that has been handed down for thousands of years. In 2009 he founded the Sacred Yew Institute as an educational body to teach the healing practices and to communicate the knowledge of this lineage. Michael teaches throughout the US and in the UK. He presnted ‘Yew Shamanism’, outlining the ways in which the Tree of Life ‘blood’ lineage offers new and exciting approaches to shamanic healing practice based on an spiritual -embryological understanding and perception of Health and healing in relation to working with clients, the realms of spirit and with the natural world. “Michael’s passion for the yew and connection was really evident and lovely.”

John-Luke EdwardsRev Pathfinder John-Luke Edwards; Presidor of the SCGMSS, and called by Ancestral Spirits to awaken Pathfinders and gather together the family into the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. John-Luke is a Reverend Pathfinder and Elder of the Wolven Path and sits on the Ordination Gyre of the Tradition. He lead the ‘Call to the First Ancestor’ Aithar-aodh, The Fire in the Lightning, to the Conference and facilitated the opening & closing ceremonies. He lead the gathering in the first of the morning plenaries ‘The Forest of the Pataxó’, and co-guided the Final Evening Ceremony, ‘Stone – Wood – Bone’ with Jeff Stockton and Grant Guindon for the men, a ceremony of Connection, Community and Gathering opening the paths to the Descendants and the Time to Come. “Grateful for the tender intimacy of the ceremonies and for the spirits who brought song to me holding up the tent of love; †his heart moved my heart to fullness.”

Grant GuindonPathfinder Grant Guindon; is a member and Director of the SCGMSS & SCGMSS (US), and an Elder of the WPT. He moves through this world learning to embody his ancestors with an intense focus on plant spirit medicine and the wisdom of the plant kingdom.  Since early childhood he has had an affinity with the trees, knowing full well the importance they would and will have in the days to come. He calls Men together in male groups and ceremonies in seeking ancestral honouring and the willingness to see each other as brothers in life & ceremony. Grant lead the men’s ceremony, ‘Kindred of the Bear’, an experience and retelling of the story of Groh Goh the primal bear through the extremely powerful Shapeshifting evening ceremony, storytelling, plant spirit medicine and engaging with the spirits of old. He also called the First Ancestor in the Fire and co-led the men’s part of the final evening ceremony. “Loved watching Grant connect with the men gathered – his passion was evident.”

Fritz, Diana, and LouiseFritz Muntean, Diana Tracy, Louise Bunn, and the Circle of Cerridwen presented thevcaptivating and enchantment of  ‘Cerridwen and the Cauldron of Transformation’. This participatory ritual drama celebrated the power of metamorphosis among the creatures of the field and forest. It told the tale – through poetry, music, and dance – of the birth of the great Celtic bard Taliesin. Diana, Louise, and Fritz are all senior Wiccans, each with well over 30 years experience. For more than 20 years they’ve been working together, developing ceremonial and celebratory practices, and leading public rituals and pageants in and for the Pagan community. Diana is an active student of music and dance, as well as an accomplished fibre artist. Louise is a graduate of Emily Carr School of Art; a painter and sculptor with a busy studio on Granville Island. She also serves on the board of the Northwest Wilderness Society. Fritz has a graduate degree in Religious Studies from University of British Columbia, with an emphasis in the Mystery religions of Late Pagan Antiquity and their impact on Early Christianity. “I enjoyed the pagentry of the beasts and their song. The male Taliesin actor was a pleasure to watch. Fun to enjoy this evening of song.”

Mel TomlinsonRev Pathfinder Mel Tomlinson: lives in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is an artist and ritual tool maker. Mel works with the spirits of the land. Her interests lie in the study of English magick; English history and witchcraft; Nordic history, North European shamanism and shamanism in and around the Arctic circle. Mel is a traditional rural pagan and reveres her ancestors. She leads the Creative Team of the SCGMSS. She is a member & Director of the SCGMSS and an Elder of the WPT. She lead the ‘Well Dressing Ceremony’ combining the teaching, making of, and celebration of an ancient Celt water ceremony documented circa 1348. The ceremony honoured the genius loci, the sacred waters and the fecundity of the land, a common practice of the English people. Attendees dressed the well with items from the forest and in this sacred act honoured the spirits of the waters, the life blood of Máthair Tei. “….the Well sang of so much Love and Attention,
honoring this important Tradition. Thank you.”

Stephanie MillsRev Pathfinder Stephanie Mills; has lived most of her life in the Pacific Northwest.  Her home town of Bellingham, Washington is right next to the Canadian border, which she crosses all the time to get to her Wolven Path Clan! She considers herself a healer through many different expressions. She is a member and Director of the SCGMSS and Presidor of SCGMSS (US), and an Elder of the WPT. She presented ‘The Story of Creation’,  honouring the Earth through the creation of the Earth Shrine inspired by this quote, “The old people came literally to love the soil and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing” – Luther Standing Bear. “What a beautiful workshop. Such a lot of thought had gone into making the experience the very best it could be – thank you.”

Sue PenningtonSupi (Sue Pennington); created a deeper connection with our ancestors, and the sense of being part of the continuum to the descendants, part of the flow of life and of the life-force itself through her ceremonial workshop, ‘Receiving the Earth’s Embrace’, an adaptation of the practice of, in ordinary reality, digging one’s own grave and spending the night in it, whilst connecting and communicating with one’s ancestors with its healing value that may tempt us to seek and experience the true ‘Earth’s embrace’. She has been a practitioner/teacher for over 25 years and offers Acupuncture, Massage, Shamanic Healing, Supervision/Mentoring and Yoga. Her main human shamanic teachers to date have been Sandra Ingerman, Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis at the Sacred Trust, and Howard and Elsa Malpas along with many others, too numerous to mention, to whom she extends her deep gratitude. “Blessed work, and immensely grateful for sharing this Work at the conference.”

Kat NaslasPathfinder Kat Naslas; is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program, and is a Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor.  She is honoured to serve as one of the Fire Guardians when called upon by her Wolven Path family.   She has tended fire for Tepee ceremony, sweat lodge and Vision Quest.  She has also gained knowledge from Spirit/Shaman guided pilgrimages to Guatemala and Peru, Greece and England, and participates regularly in SCGMSS & SSP conferences in Canada, US and UK. She leads workshops across North America and co-leads Shamanic pilgrimages to Greece. She is a member of the SCGMSS and a director of SCGMSS (US) and an Elder of the WPT. She presented the evening ceremony ‘Held by the First Ancestor’ a firewalking ceremony combining individual challenge with community cooperation along with Spiritual support! The ceremony reminded people of their own incredible human potential, and provided opportunity for releasing patterns of thought that no longer served, thus clearing the path to finding the way back to the forest. “Brilliant woman – she knows FIRE!”

Beatrice SimmonsBeatrice Simmons; lives in a Swiss mountain valley near the Italian border, where she is working in partnership with the spirits and the power of the land. She is running an atelier for her shaman work, her fragrant consultations and creations as well as the F.M. Alexander Technique. She offers her Shaman services to accompany individuals as well as teaching in groups. She has been taught for many years in the Sufi spirit and tradition. Her real heart home she found in the Shaman work. She has completed the ‘Teacher Training’ and ‘Medicine for the Earth’ with Sandra Ingerman, which is inspiring her work. She is a member of the SSP and the SCGMSS and feels honoured to have been invited as an apprentice on the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. She presented ‘Here I am’, a  merging with the Earth to remember and experience that we are of the Earth; we experienced the Earth as a living Being and living in harmony with nature and the Great Song. We heard and remembered the song of our ancestors as a song of love and forgiveness and celebrated All Life in great respect. “…gentle, loving, spoke to my soul…”

Jordan- FarmerPathfinder Jordan Farmer; in a member of the SCGMSS and SSP and an Initiated Pathfinder and Elder of the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. Jordan  presented a simple ceremony ‘Binding the Crown’. Through story, song, dance and meditation, she guided us to connect with a daily ritual that would bring us to know that we are one with the forest and are counted as one of the standing ones. “..the crown is now my song…”

Rick GossettRichard Gossett;is a Cross Cultural Shaman, Spiritual Mentor, and therapist working with clients to craft their life’s journey using shamanic skills and intuition – to listen to spirit. He has been a Methodist Pastor and has published and presented widely: most recently presenting at the University of Heidelberg and at the national conference of AGPA (Group Psychotherapy). He lives in NW Washington state and he is founder and an elder in the Svaha Spirit Lodge. Together we found out what Spirit needs of us by using a Shaman’s Canoe journey and other divination journey postures to craft a ritual response. To do this required of us a balance which we sought through dance and movement, much like the Yin/Yang Dance of the Long Dance that our community does regularly. “…I felt completely at home and loved the work we did together…”

Merina and TerryPathfinders Terry Manz & Merina Mohr; Terry is Jeweller, Bead Artist, and Apprentice Shaman of Wolven Path Lineage Tradition.  For the past ten years Terry’s jewellery line – Body Talk – has incorporated vintage pieces: using reclaimed materials she has minimized the negative impacts to the earth. Her skills as a master crafter are complimented by her history of working in nursing, and volunteering in the community. Her eco-sensibility and design sense comes from her commitment to respect the gifts that Mother Nature provides, and show her gratitude and reverence for the Earth. Merina is a mixed Media Artist, Photographer, and Apprentice Shaman of Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. As an artist she has exhibited works both Canada, US and internationally. Merina has facilitated workshops for both children and adults, from diverse backgrounds, including addictions recovery, disabilities and new Canadians. Merina has found through the journey of ‘inspiration, intuition, and imagination,’ we can all connect. Together they offered ‘Shamanic Spirit Carrier’. With an ancestral history of being a nomadic community, moving from the mountain to the plains, to  the sea, to the valley, we have a need to carry our tools with us not knowing when we will hear the lament, and help the lost return to the forest. This workshop intends to assist with the quandary of where do we keep or carry our spirit items so they are safe and at hands reach. Participants were guided through journey to make a ‘Shamanic Spirit Carrier’, a  leather pouch to carry their spirit items. “Awesome. Provided tones of materials. Was a great thing to make.”

Richard HahnRichard Hahn; has an RPC degree in counselling with a focus on the Transpersonal, family systems and person centered therapy. He has also studied extensively energy healing modalities. 10 years ago he discovered his talent for Throat Singing and gift for sound healing with singer & Sacred Chant leader Jerry DesVoignes. Today he teaches workshops that combine his therapeutic knowledge with its sound healing abilities to help people transform their lives. He presented at the 2011 Birthing & Blossoming & the Bones of the Ancestors Conferences. It has been said that love is what makes the world go around. Richard suggests it is more accurate to say that fear has been making the world go around. We are afraid of something that we made up. It is the story of ‘separation’.  In the workshop, ‘Welcome Home’, we experienced where our levels of comfort with each other are and then went beyond! We looked at how our judgement affects our experience in the world and how this judgement projects the world we seem to experience. We awakened the capacity to welcome each other with a deep appreciation of the perfection and beauty that we all are. He also be co-facilitating with Jeff Stockton on ‘The Yrgriddian Bridge’ and part of the final evening ceremony. “Richard supported me so well through the more physical aspects of the workshop so I didn’t have to miss out on the full experience. Brilliant – thank you.”

Rob MurphyRobert Murphy; is a practicing shaman and a master shamanic-reiki practitioner and Level 3 reiki practitioner. He has been initiated as a yatchak (shaman) into the Quichuan Path of Light tradition in by Don Esteban Tamayo in Ecuador and a shaman in the Green Path Medicine tradition taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara and his wife Claicha, a yatchak in the Peruvian Quechua tradition. He is also initiated into the Brazilian shamanic tradition of the Makunaiman. In his presentation, ‘Journey to the Heart – Pathway for the return to the Forest’, he  awakened us to the fact that we are trapped in an ongoing dream that severs us from our oneness with all our fellow creatures of the forest and by deepening our individual awareness of how the societal dream keeps us separate from our oneness with all of creation, and deadens us to the great destruction that this dream continues to inflict on our world; he provided us tools for the peaceful restoration of our hearts and souls to the Forest. “..The faciliation was masterful, and the healing very profound. thank you for creating this ceremony as guided by spirit. we were all profoundly shifted.”

Eve BruceDr. Eve Bruce; is a plastic surgeon and Programme Director for Lios Dána Dolphin Spirit Gate in Southwest Ireland. Eve was the first non-Quechua woman to be inducted into the Circle of Yachaks, or Birdpeople Shamans, of the high Andes in 1998. Her shamanic training stems from over 15 years with indigenous elders from the Andes and Amazon of South America, as well as elders in North and Central America. A pipe carrier and Sundancer in the Ojibway tradition, she is currently on the Journey to the Blue Robe of a Wolven Pathfinder. Eve presented ‘Celtic Wheel of The Forest’ in which we explored the Celtic Wheel and the festivals of the Celtic year. Journeying to the trees, animals and spirits of the forest using rainforest shamanic traditions; we connected with our ancestors and re-membered our European and Celtic shamanic forest traditions, Opening and deepening useful connection with the forest and all her spirits. “…a powerful woman of great knowledge..”

Jan Engals SmithJan Engels Smith; Jan’s training and experiences have been extensive both in the traditional philosophies & metaphysical traditions. She has trained with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and also with individual shamans. She conducts workshops teaching people about shamanism and learning how to journey for themselves. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Author, Reiki Master, a Licensed Professional Counsellor, a Chemical Dependency Specialist, a Marriage and Family Counsellor and a Hypnotherapist. She presented ‘Routines of Invisibility’ during which we became one with the forest instead of a predator in the forest; a major attribute of someone in harmony with the forest. This changed our fundamental beliefs of dominance, pride, superiority, and overlords of the earth to those of humanity, oneness, harmony and balance with an established perfect system of “forest” order. “Jan led us in a profound journey. Brilliant in her preparation and explanation of the work. Our walk in the forest I will remember always.”

Angela PriderPathfinder Shaman Angela Prider; is a shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist, and teacher of the White Bone Shamanic Arts lineage. Over twenty years ago, she was called to the shamanic path while sitting in church in Australia. Since then she has trained in Core Shamanism, and been initiated into the medicines of Canada, Peru, and her Celtic ancestral lineage of Ireland. She is also a Elder Pathfinder Shaman of the Wolven Path Tradition. Angela has a private practice in Vancouver where she synthesizes shamanic healing, ceremony and art, with somatic therapy. She is a member of the SSP and a Member of the SCGMSS. She presented with Jeff Stockton, ‘Songs of Return’ where through myth and song they brought an Honouring of Máthair Tei and a Sidhe Awareness of separation and ceremony to enlighten the path of return to the Forest, deepening of our connection and understanding of the goal of the Conference, Connection, Celebration & Communion. “What a beautiful workshop, so gentle. Just what I needed after such an emotionally draining morning.”

Alleson LanselAlleson Lansel; is a Peruvian Shamanic Practitioner, Mesa Carrier, Pampamesayoq, & second degree Usui Reiki Master. As founder & resident of her business, SONQO, she provides individual & group shamanic healing & ceremonial services, classes, & workshops in Snohomish, Washington & Canada. Alleson  presented, “Returning to the Forest ~ Amaru Medicine & the Initiation of Dismemberment”. Weaving Peruvian Shamanic teachings through literal, symbolic, mythic, & energetic aspects, we experienced a Shamanic Initiation Ceremony. Through the work of energetic death & remembering we reset our medicine bodies & our connection to all our relations, Pachamama (Mother Earth), & Great Spirit. “Created new perspective for power object and new experience of dismemberment great entry point into Peruvian shamanism.”

Tina and NatarajNataraj & Tina Puddister; Tina works as a R.N. in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit; she has been a nurse for 20 years.  Tina is a Certified and practicing Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and a Cranial Sacral Therapist. She practices out of the Heart Quest Healing Collective in Downtown Vancouver and is a member of the SCGMSS. Nataraj works as a Peer Support Worker with the mentally ill and/or substance dependent and aspires to bring healing modalities such as Shamanic Practice and trauma therapy into clinical settings such as the Psychiatric Ward and Transition Care for less acute psychiatric patients. He is a meditation and Ascension teacher and is currently studying to become an Addictions Careworker through McMaster University and is a Director of the SCGMSS. Both are completing their 3 year Shamanic Apprenticeship in the Wolven Path Tradition. They presented ‘Oh Spirit Wheel call to me’ calling us to engage in ceremony, through journeying the Irish Spirit Wheel, drumming, and creative-expression. Through the creation of an individual Mandala in a natural setting designed to gather and integrate the wisdom essence of the journeys, we nurtured spiritual harmony and self-healing with the Earth, the Elementals, and Spirit in community as kindred spirits of the Forest. “Beautiful workshop. Nat and Tina work so well together. Their workshop was a pivotal one for me as it helped me to find my way home.”

Christiana HarleChristiana Harle; has been working with shamanism for nigh on twenty years in Finland. Life has taken her to Tuva where she worked with shamans for two years, continued her late husband’s research on Tuvan culture and shamanism which resulted in a film: In the Arms of Buddha and the Drum. She is an official shaman, red card holding member of Düngür the first Shaman Centre in Tuva. Heimo Lappalainen, Jonathan Horwitz, and Annette Höst were her first human introduction to shamanism. She teaches shamanic healing, gives workshops on birthing, shamanic drums and lectures on Tuvan shamanism in Finland. She is a keeper of Bees and a registered music and breathwork therapist and a member of the SCGMSS. She lead us in the powerful and sensual evening ceremony ‘Song of Beach’, the story of the first woman, with song and dance and passion with her Finish magic. “Christiana inspires me to be nothing less than excellent!”

Manjit SidhuRev Pathfinder Manjit Sidhu; is an initiated Reverend Pathfinder and Elder of the Wolven Tradition and is a member and Director of the SCGMSS. She has also trained to work in a hospice and hospital to be with patients dealing with pain management.  Manjit is a proud mother of 2 adult children, works full time in the corporate world, volunteers in a hospice and assists in group healings and rituals with the Wolven Path Clan.   Born in Malaysia and moved to Canada 40 years ago Manjit has lived most of that time on the West Coast. She introduced a core basic shamanic journey to find a Spirit Guide that would be with us for the conference, bringing us messages and/or guidance for the conference. She guided those not fully conversant with Journeying with a gentle teaching which supported their journey process through the Conference and its workshops. She wished that the Guiding Spirits found would help us to work to honour the spirits of the land for the conference. “Manjit helped me to gain the confidence I needed to venture forth and journey at the conference. I was grateful for her support.”

David DybdalDavid Dybdal MD, PhD; Originally trained in neuroscience, psychiatry, and western models of psychology and psychotherapy, David works and teaches as a Harvard University affiliated psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Boston MA. In the course of his work, David has realized the limitations of the dualistic perspective of western medicine, and with the help of his friend and mentor, Richard Gossett, he has begun to walk the way of the shaman, bridging the gap between modern and ancient ideas about healing. He has presented on this topic, particularly in “The Shaman’s Way: ‘Re-Membering’ Who We Are and Reconnecting to the Roots of Healing”. American Group Psychotherapy Assoc. Annual Conference, New York, NY (2012). He and Richard Gossett co-presented ‘Following the Scent: Rediscovering the Roots of Healing.’ We played together, not only to reconnect to the Forest, but also to rediscover the knowledge that we ARE the Forest, in every aspect of who we are. The vehicle for our creative play was a shared group journey, starting with the intention to manifesting our one-ness with the Forest. We worked while in the journeying state creating something new and unexpected as directed by the Forest within and without. The focus of our work was the healing of the Forest, and of course, ourselves. “Wonderful teachings. Great group experience.”

Mary-JaneRev. Pathfinder Mary-Jane Richardson; was born & raised in N Vancouver, BC. In 2006 her life journey mystically brought her to Lions Bay BC, where she met Re. Pathfinder John-Luke Edwards and began her 4 year apprenticeship, The 3 Souls. She was Initiated into the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition as a Pathfinder in 2009 when she received the name “Brigantia of the Morning Dawn”. She works with the land and nature as a landscape gardener; working with Mother Earth is both rewarding & healing and she waits for whatever it is that the spirits open and call her to. She presented “Returning to our Sacred Self’. The presentation of ceremony, drumming & dancing took us back in time tens of thousands of years where we saw a society that was connected with Mother Earth through storytelling, dancing, singing and drumming.  Our Ancestors were in alignment with Mother Earth, the cosmos and all their relations; they honoured and respected their Elders and their Ancestors so that we can bring ceremony back into our lives and discover a balance we knew long ago. “Mary Jane’s session was really engaging and lovely.”

Ella HopeElla Hope; is born of Irish-Danu lineage and is a workshop facilitator, multi-media presenter, and author of three 500-page textbooks on self-healing/shamanic practices with nature. The subject-matter of her textbooks are drawn from her 26 years on the shamanic path, marked by waves of initiatory experience, tempered with extensive training with both indigenous and modern-style shamanic teachers. Her textbook titles are: Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide. Volume I and II, and Initiation: Teachings of the Forest. She is a classically-trained modern dancer/ Ritual Dance Artist at festivals; co-creator of shamanic photographic gallery collections; and owner-manager of an Eco-Center in Washington State. She is a member of the SCGMSS. In her presentation “Ritual Dance Healing Circle with Trees & Descendants” we were invited to experience a subtle and ecstatic Ritual Dance practice, which was a progressive Deepening and Surrender with the Elementals and Deva of the Forest. We wove Intention for manifestation; experienced Bliss and integrated connection with the Forest, and asked the Forest for a Healing-Dream — all of which could be incorporated into existing practices with Nature of all Traditions. “Great and graceful teacher – Ella really took the time to go through all the layers of self awareness to reach that transitional state in order to connect with the medicine of the trees:) I really enjoyed her class!”

Nikiah SeedsNikiah Seeds; has been working in the realm of woman’s spirituality and healing for the past 14 years. As a sacred beekeeper Nikiah has been working with the bees both shamanically and as holistically as possible, and is currently working on developing curriculum with the Collage of the Melissae. Nikiah is also a co-author of the book Moon Mysteries – Reclaiming Woman’s Menstrual Wisdom, and an Ordained Spiritual Minister. Since 2006 Nikiah has been a devout student of shamanism and this deeply informs her work as a ceremonialist and priestess. Nikiah is an apprentice in the Wolven Path Tradition and presented ‘Following the Bees back into the Forest’, during which participants connected with the hive consciousness of the bees and to asked for a message that they could take back into their families and or communities. The bees have been working hard trying to communicate with us, as has been seen the world over with the devastating effects of colony collapse disorder. Without our pollinators we humans can not survive, now is the time to follow the bees back to the forest. “…passionate about bees!”

Dean & Shizuko CorminDean Cormin is a Pathfinder Shaman, CMT, CH, was initiated in the wolven path tradition 2010. His soul’s quest and his life’s journey has, been long and tenacious to understand this life time around is to be of service and learn, teach and be unconditional Love and that unconditional love has unimaginable healing power.  He sat in sweat lodges and prayer meetings and was guided to go to Hawaii 12 times over last 15 years and studied Ho’oponopono, Lomilomi Lau’kahea with several Kahuna and was honoured with the title Kumu Lomilomi. He has studied, worked and taught Lomilomi, Crystal Healing, Pathfinder shamanism, and practices all that he has learned with his wife  of 18 years, Shizuko. He presented ‘Breathing the Elements into Plant Spirit Healing’, as given to him by his teacher Rev. Pathfinder Dr. John-Luke Edwards of the Wolven Path Tradition and a Hawaiian healing technique, Huna or Elemental breathing technique given to me by Laura Kealoha Yardley, in which participants may have a spirit experience with a new found alley from the plant kingdom that helped us to bring balance and harmony to the world, starting with ourselves and our use of breathing in and connecting to the elementals. “Well done. Had meaning, purpose and flow. He thought with passion.”

Kate LynchKate M. Merriwether; is an initiated Pathfinder with the Wolven Path Tradition, a Fire Guardian and a member of the SCGMSS.  She has been involved with a variety of spiritual traditions and crafting traditions from Hinduism and Sewing to Egyptian Mystery Schools and Altar Building.  Kate loves to teach and seeks to share knowledge in a fun and educational way.  Kate hails from Seattle, WA, USA.  She presented ‘Cauldron Journey’ for those of us who wished to release an attachment that was preventing us from connecting to the Great Forest or being able to see our place within the Great Forest and open us to connect with Arawan and Cerridwen. Kate also  offered late night Story Telling for night hawks & insomniacs. ”She is all heart, and absolutely fearless. What a woman!”

Michael NisleyMichael Nisley; from California is an experienced sound healer and medical hypnotherapist, passionate about helping people help themselves. He is trained in Hypnotherapy and is a teacher of Taijiquan, Yang Slow Form and holds a B.A. Cultural Anthropology, with Honours. He was mentored by Tito La Rosa in Peruvian sound healing practices and attended Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. He  presented, ‘Shaman’s Voice’ which was energy work using sound, color, and movement in order to open and hold sacred space.   We did so that we would remember our own spirit path and remember who we truly are!  And in doing so we met the Place Spirits, finding our way back to the Primal Forest – thus healing ourselves and the Spirit Tree at the center. Through sound, we opened and held space, so that participants could harness their creativity, imagination, and innate healing powers.  On the last day of the conference there was  a ‘Sound Healing Circle’ to use these skills for individual healing. ”The sounds without words were transformative. A great healing for me, and an opening into new aspects of my healing practice and being.

Morgan BushMorgan Elizabeth ; Morgan “Dancing Rose Calls The Knight In Armour” Elizabeth is a certified Shamanic Practitioner through the Isle of Avalon Foundation. A Spirit Dancer as well as an Erotic Performance Artist, she believes in the power of healing through storytelling and dance, and thus dedicates her life to the creation of art through spirituality. she  presented ‘Sacred Eroticism & the Earth’. This workshop helped open everyone up physically, mentally, and spiritually in terms of their relationships between their body, eroticism, and mother Earth. We received a personal discovery that eroticism is not simply a sexual aspect of ourselves but rather a part of our whole being and part of the experience of being human and that eroticism is connected to the Earth. Morgan danced with Father Fire during the Fire Ceremony & Firewalk. ” Excellent delivery, and Morgan was fantastic at holding space throughout the kundalini yoga, dance, and journey.”

Richard McConnellRichard McConnell is the co-founder of Whole Being Health with Christina Pratt, where he offers acupuncture, Qi-gong, tuina (structural) treatments, and herbal remedies and has been teaching Qi-gong forms and classes since 2002. He has been leading morning Qi-Gong meditation for the past three BC Conferences and offered the early morning Opening of Heaven & Earth through the three Qi-gong forms: Grounding Qi-gong, Releasing turbid Qi, and Opening Central Channel (heaven and earth). He guided participants to feel more grounded, cleansed, and open to receive the gifts from the presentations in the conference. ”…Inspiring and powerful….”

Sarah LawlessSarah Lawless is a herbwife and self-taught ethnobotanist specializing in indigenous Pacific Northwest and European plants focusing on ritual entheogens with years of experience professionally crafting incense, smoking blends, ointments, and tinctures. She is a spae-wife in the Scoto-Scandinavian tradition practicing the visionary seership and spirit work of her ancestors. She will be presented and lead ‘Rediscovering Ancestral Plant Wisdom’ which aided in reconnecting people with the plant wisdom of their ancestors and showed that Europe has its own sacred plants which can be safely used in ceremonies and magic, to enhance our work with spirit. ”Great presenter. Very informative and supportive.”

Richard AnkharaRichard Ankhara holds lineages descended from the Táltos shamanic tradition of the Magyars, and the Sufis of Turkey, and has had a strong connection with plant spirits since childhood, leading medicine work in adolescence. Richard is trained in and combines a diverse range of healing arts, including transpersonal and depth psychology, Amazonian and Andean shamanism, Sufi, several forms of breathwork including Holotropic, shamanic, and Pranayama, with a strong affinity toward his ancestral roots of Hungarian shamanism. His integrative healing practice is based in Vancouver B.C., where he leads sacred ceremonies and one-on-one transformational healing. He presented “Returning to the Forest Together: Healing the Masculine / Feminine Divide”. Richard’s intention was that participants would become aware of, and free themselves from patterns of resentment, anger, judgement, and fear of the duality of masculine and feminine within themselves, and also from what they project into the world around them. ”…..healing did take place and Richard did take care when vulnerability showed up.”

Thilo MerhoffThilo Merhoff; is a resident of Vancouver B.C. and has been facilitating Transformational Breathing and walking his path for many years.  His passion is healing through music and ceremony. He bears a strong connection to the land and his ancestors with a strong focus on First Nations beliefs and customs.  The greatest lesson Thilo has learned is how you breathe, is how you live your life. He  presented ‘Transformational Breath of the Forest’ a ceremony that connected us to the forest and broughy an awareness that our breath is the breath of the forest. ”This was a really, really powerful workshop. Thilo did an incredible job of taking all of us very deep and yet still held a very safe space.”

Yrgriddian bridgeJeff, Vannessa, Michele, RichardJeff Stockton, Vanessa Davis, Richard Hahn, Michele McLeod; presented a series of morning sessions for the entire gathering entitled ‘The Yrgriddian Bridge’ which was the telling of the story of the Yrgriddia, the Great Tree of the World who is the song that calls the souls to earth and the bridge they descend, and how the sparrows bring the descendants down from the stars; three mornings to bring story, prayer, song and dance to each of the three parts of the Great Tree; Roots, Trunk, Branches. “What a wonderful mix of talented spiritual people, bringing about many magical moments.”

Wrap About TeamNataraj, Jordan Farmer, Jaime Grant, Geoff Dick & Walter Shepherd;  offered the 2 ‘Wrap About Healing Circles’. The Great Forest trembles in anticipation of our homecoming. This healing circle of the Ancient Mountains was offered for those who wanted to engage in deep healing and transformational purification through ceremony and ritual. It truly exposed one to caring, intimate, nurturing Mother energy with the spiritual intention of dispersing any energies no longer wanted on a soul level; those energies that kept us separated from our wooded sanctuary and the kin therein. “One of the very best rituals I’ve ever witnessed and participated in – powerful!”