Standing in the Ancestral River – 2nd BC Shamanic Conference & Gathering

7th – 9th May 2010
Easter Seals Camp, Squamish, BC, Canada
Facilitated by the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery

The Community came together to take a moment; a moment out of time and space; a moment of remembrance and for dreaming, to remember our Ancestral journey and to dream our Descendental future. The Ancestral River that flows from the First Breath of the First Ancestor to us and through us, is at the same moment the breathing of the Descendants. We continuously bring our hearts, our souls and our bodies to the bathing in and the persuasion of the flowing tide of that River.

This Shamanic Retreat, Standing in the Ancestral River, was such an opportunity to step off the hardened and rigid banks of our lives and to immerse ourselves in the soothing and vitalising flow of compassion, healing, connection and destiny.

Within the immersion of our growing shamanic community and family and in accordance with the Traditions of the Wolven Path Lineage, not in a retreat from but a Retreat to a deeper commitment to life and who we are in the world and of the world.

During the Saturday afternoon the Gathering considered through the ancient ceremonies of the Wolven Path, the Soul of the Woman Tree and the Soul of the Man Wolf. The Gathering divided into male and female groups to explore this sacred identity with the Traditional Rituals of the Hunter and the Healer and coming together to integrate a healing energy to place into the River as it flows to the Descendants.


Rev. Pathfinder Dr John-Luke Edwards, Presidor & Minister of the SCGM, a member of SSP and Clergy of the CSE. John-Luke is a Dr. of Transpersonal Psychology and Parapsychology and has studied and apprenticed with many teachers; it was Howard & Elsa Malpas who brought him to his Shamanic Apprenticeship. He runs a three year apprenticeship for awakening Shaman in BC Canada, is researching and re-instigating the Shamanic Tradition of the Wolven Way and works privately with clients.

Christina Pratt, author of the “An Encyclopaedia of Shamanism” and director of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland and New York, and presenter of ‘Shamanism Now’ on the Voice of America.

Rev. Shaman Dr. Alan Davies, President of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and is assistant professor, Univ. of Utah School of Medicine & Rehab., and medical director for Quinney Rehab. Inst. Salt Lake City. Alan is a Reverend Shaman of the Wolven Path Tradition and sits on the ‘Ordination’ Gyre of that Tradition.

Ginny Layden is an Initiand Apprentice of the Wolven Path Tradition and a Prime of the Board of Directors for the SCGM. She has studied Integrative Energy Healing at Langara College, taken the initiation rights in a one year training of the Incan Medicine Wheel handed down from Alberto Villoldo. She has a home based practice as a Lomi-Lomi, Stone Massage and Integrative Energy Healing therapist.

We  stood by the Fire, we stood by the River, and we stood by the trees and the wind and by each other.

We knew we had  stood with the Ancestors.

A time in history has come when standing beside is no longer an option. We need to engage with the courage of our destiny and step into that fire, that river, that forest, that wind and into the community and peoples around us.

Within each of us is not only the DNA of our Ancestors, but the soul memories, the dreams and the breath of our Ancestors; within each of us is the dust of the very first stars that took flame in the moment of Creation.

We are not the final product, we are but a means, as were our Ancestors that this magic continues out into the future destiny, the future dreams and to the Descendants. Never let us lose faith in that.

We are both dreams and dreamers…
The Cree say “Dreams are sent by the spirits, who are we to ignore them….”
As we are the dreams, we are sent by the spirits, let us not ignore ourselves or each other….
As we are the dreamers, we are the vehicle by which the spirits continue to create the wonder of this Universe and this planet; let us not ignore that!

With hope (hope – a call to action) let us travel from this place and this Gathering with a dream, that as both Descendant and Ancestor we will maintain that River of Blood, Milk and Breath as an inheritance and a legacy.

With Inspiration let us go and dream the world to come.
We came to dream each other and to be dreamt of by each other…
We left dreaming of stars.

Once again as our ongoing commitment to the community the Retreat donated funds to Project Hands to support their Mayan Clinic & the Northern Lights Wolf Sanctuary