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13MoonsThe 13 Moons of The Sagh’ic Wisdom Course

The Celtic Tradition is one of cycle and reflection. The Wolven Way Tradition is concerned with a more insightful and intuitive relationship with the observed universe and all aspects of that universe – animal, human, environmental, geographical, spiritual, psychological and imagined. By tuning into this relationship our lives become a more balanced and peaceful journey.

With the ‘rush’ of western society, we have forgotten our ancient way of ceremony and ritual, which held us close and in balance with the natural world around us.

Undertaking the journey of the 13 Moons as a group we will learn about the Celtic Animist/Shamanic principles that hold this balance and the five levels of consciousness that open a deeper communicative relationship with the world around you – opening an awareness of the qualities of the five elemental energies that will focus and empower your life.

The 13 Moons is an Animist/Shamanic Wisdom Course underpinned by the Sagh’ic Wolven Path Tradition. The aim of the course is to open and connect students to a deeper understanding of living in a Animist way and in relationship with the world around them. This course will not and cannot make anyone a Shamanic Practitioner or Shaman, it will though introduce students to Animist practice and skill. The course is intended for personal awareness, healing and becoming, and a return to a more ceremonial way of living, it could however lead to a future Shamanic Apprenticeship.
The student will learn about the Celtic Animist/Shamanic principles that hold this balance and the levels of consciousness that open a deeper communicative relationship with the world around them – opening an awareness of the qualities of the four elemental energies that will focus and empower their lives. It will connect them to the Wisdom and teachings of the world around them as guided by the energies of the 13 Moons of the Traditional Lunar Cycle.

Students will experience the basics of otherworld ‘travel’, the availability of spiritual support and unlock the doorway to developing their own basic psychospiritual skills and awareness.

This course of wisdom will open the student’s life to a less stressful path, an appreciation of spiritual metaphor, the importance of ritual in day to day life and introduce the concept of spiritual healing and a re-sacrilisation of their lives, by engaging them with the cycles of life and the lunar seasons.

The lessons will include guided visualisations, interactive spiritual experiences, basic Shamanic Journeying, storytelling, and practical applications for both self-work and to include in work with others.
If not already a member of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery, each registering student will be registered for 2 years as a ‘Student Member’, which includes all newsletters etc, membership of the Online Forum and any discounted fees for conferences. Students will also be able to debrief and interact with fellow and online students through an online forum.

The Course is made up of 15 weekends (Saturday & Sunday); an introductory weekend, 13 weekends – one for each moon, and a closing consolidation weekend. Participants do not need to have any previous shamanic or spiritual experience.

A limited number of distance places available to run in parallel with this course!

The Current course is underway

a new Thirteen moons is scheduled to start mid 2016 – please email for details

Venue: fLions Bay BC.
Duration: 15 weekends
Cost: $750cdn or $60cdn per month – course materials and basic refreshments are provided.
Contact: John-Luke Edwards on 604 209 6980 or email

Annual / Special Events

Introduction to Animist Shamanism and Briefing for Pathfinder Apprenticeship


The Three Souls Shamanic Apprenticeship is an opening of heart and soul to the Great Song. A Shamanic Apprenticeship to become an Initiated Lineage Tradition Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder Shaman of the Wolven Path.

This in-depth apprenticeship is rooted in Ancient Celtic Tradition; though it will address a variety of other cultural Shamanic traditions, it will be focussed and inherent of the Lineage Tradition that Apprentices are training in, through the Wolven Path Tradition, a North European Animist tradition sometimes referred to as Celtic, focussed on Clan and Community, based on the stories of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the People of the Wolf, and answering the call of the First Pathfinder of the Tradition to serve those who lost themselves in the Shadows beyond.

The training covers amongst much more:

Shamanic Intervention, Personal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction & Depossession, Curse & Sin Unbinding, Mythology & Oral Tradition of the Lineage, Past Life Healing, Ritual & Ceremony, Totemic Animal work, Vision Questing, Elemental Interaction, Soul & Spirit Healing, Drum & Shamanic tool making, Public Workshops, Opportunity for Registered Ministry to officiate at such as weddings, naming-bearings, funerals etc.

Is your heart and soul called to this work?
Is your Inner Shaman calling for release?
Do you feel that you can walk into the darkness…to be a Warrior Healer for others?
To be compassionate with your Beloved Self and so be able to seek out the Lost Soul.
Could you heal the souls of others?

Exploding Frost Apprenticeship starts Fall 2016 – Are you being called?

Introduction Weekend combined with drum making

Venue: Lions Bay Village Hall, Centre Road, Lions Bay BC
Contact: for more information on the course structure, fees & registrations please call or email Rev. Elder; Ceann-Iuil John-Luke Edwards PhD, OICGM – (1) 604 209 6980

Rite of Spring: Last Moon of Winter – The Coming of Brighid

This is the sacred time when the doors between the worlds are open and magical events can occur. It is the time to begin and mark transition between Winter darkness and the Spring Light.

This is a calling together of the Community, who in turn will call to the wind and sea and moonlight to carry the Brídeog of Spring from heaven to the world, that she may bring the sun and the greening time.

A day long series of ceremonies invoking the spirits of Bearch and Bõ through song, dance, milk & oatcakes, crosses and ribbons and angelic carrying.

When:  February 7th 2016, 10am– 5pm
Venue: Lions Bay Village Hall, Centre Road, Lions Bay BC
Fee: $20 suggested donation – proceeds go to the hall and the 2016 SCGMSS Conference
Bring: Please bring some lunch with you, comfortable, warm white and green clothing and a rug or blanket, and a few flowers or petals. Teas, coffee, muffins, cookies available.
Contact: 604 209 6980

Riding The Reindeer

This is an invitation to an intimate relationship with The Reindeer and The Shepherdess

Through Agairg; Thunder Agaric and Diviners Sage

A relationship is engendered between our ancestral song and that of the song and flight of the Reindeer and Shepherdess Spirits who sing in these sacred herbs & fungus

They take hold and carry

In that carrying and holding we are lifted in the holy flight
Carried above our thoughts and fear, surrendering to be shown
This will be a day-long journey of riding with and by the ancestral spirit of the Forests and mountains to be taken held gathered and carried. In that carrying and holding we are lifted in the holy flight or intimate dreaming; Carried above our thoughts and fear, surrendering to be shown.

The choice of reindeer or shepherdess should be one or the other

The weekend will be facilitated by Na Mùichan; the Dreamers of the Smoke and act as the pompus of the plant spirit sojourners.

Attendance is at the Na Mùichan’s discretion

Saturday and/or Sunday March 5th & 6th
10 for 10.30am
Lions Bay
There will be a light meal at the end of the ceremony

$100 per journeyer

please email John-Luke to register and record current medications

Seanachais – The Dreamweavers

The Seanachais were the storytellers of our Ancestral roots. Stories change the world – that is their magic. They were makers of great enchantment and fascination in the art of creating living worlds, that the listeners could be brought to, journey in, and experience. The Seanachais wove dreams. They created patchworks of lives that could be experienced through all senses.

Storytelling is an art of true magic, making the impossible possible and the improbable probable. To be Seanachais was to have a spirit connection with the breath, soul and song of the world so that that song could be sung to and reminded to those who could not hear.

This will be an experience to evoke and tune the inner storyteller to the song of the world, and open their awareness to bring the magic of the Traditional Stories alive.

Things to Bring: Light refreshments will be available, please bring lunch.
Bring comfortable clothing and a rug, blanket or shawl to wrap around you.
Please also bring a power object to have beside you when telling stories, and an object from Nature or that finds you to tell a story.

A certificate affirming Dreamweaver status will be given at the end of the weekend.

When: 26th & 27th march 2016
Venue: Lions Bay Village Hall, Center Road, Lions Bay, BC Canada
Time: 10am – 5pm
Attendance Fee: $100

For details and / to register contact: John-Luke Edwards  
or call 1 604 209 6980

UntitledThe Life That’s Left – Dying – Death – Grieving

Summer leaves and winter comes
Romance is over but the photo is still on the table
Walk away from what’s left behind, yet are still burdened
When the life is gone, life still stays behind.

The soul longs for unity

The human heart longs for gathering
By these we are trapped, possessed of the other and by the other
We are haunted in our hearts by ghosts of longing.

For two days we will not just explore longing, we will immerse ourselves in its haunting, its seduction, its desire, its suffering.
We will find that longing and reshape it into an instrument of joy and guidance.
This is not a grief workshop; this is a joy and practical workshop.
We will consider;
Breaking bad news, preparing for death, tending the dying, grieving and resolution
Through application, role play, soulful prayer and ceremony, we will lift ourselves from the chains of attachment and put on the threads of connection.

10 for 10.30am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th June 2016

Lions Bay Village Hall, Lions Bay, BC Canada

$100 for the weekend
lunches will be provided
wear black/dark clothes on Saturday
and white clothes on Sunday

contact: for information or to register a place

Untitled1Playing with the Kids; a play group for adults

We are born children
Our souls enter the world pure, eager, innocent, full of childlike wonder to explore, to discover the mystery of life………….
But somehow with the pressures and mantles of others, our parents,
our friends, our teachers, our colleagues, our gang, our bosses,
the pressures of civilisation, we lose touch with that child.
This child hides and waits for us to come back and rescue them,
to play with them, to love them.


Lions Bay Village Hall, Lions Bay, BC Canada
$100 for the weekend
lunches will be provided
please wear bright comfortable clothing you will not mind getting messed up! And your favourite toy from childhood.

contact: for information or to register a place

dark & light arrows 3Arrows of Light & Dark; Shamanic Retreat

This ceremonial retreat is three powerful days of self enlightenment.

It will open closed eyes to the primal wounds of our souls and the pain that we have endured through those woundings;
It will enable us to bring healing to those wounds and to love ourselves for who we really are.
It is an initiation from the dark place of our psyche to the light of our compassion.
This is an intervention by the ancestral spirits that will change your picture of self and allow you to paint the picture that was meant to be. But commit yourself to your Self!

residential venue & price top be arranged
9th, 10th & 11th September 2016
contact: for information or to register a place

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