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The SCGM holds at its core the principle of Family, Clan, Tribe & Community. It is the belief that comes from The Wolven Path Tradition, that the Creator called to the First Pathfinder (Shaman), the Son of the Land, the Wolf to call together humankind who had lost the kinship of the Earth and Spirits. In a continuation of the Pathfinder’s work, the Society invites ALL of all Animist & Shamanic Traditions and Paths to become members of this Community.

Membership supports the work of the Society in its goal to create a family, community and network of Pathfinders, Shaman, Practitioners, shamanic Priests & Priestesses and Spirit Workers. The Society also aspires to be a force for harmony and healing in the world today, bringing honour and respect to our Earth, to each other and to all our relations that we share this planet with.

We are honoured by our worldwide community of members across the UK & Europe, Asia, North America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand — with registered chapters in British Columbia, Alberta and the US.

Membership dues/fees are used to promote an appreciation of the Animistic/Shamanic wisdom and way as well as through conferences, workshops, and pastoral outreach projects. They are also used to support others in similar healing work.

Currently the Society supports Northern Lights Wolf Sanctuary in Revelstoke BC, and children  through SOS Children’s Villages, supporting the Pataxo & Guarani of the Brazilian Rainforest and  community support initiatives.

Members have their own online Community Network & Forums, a quarterly newsletter and avail themselves of discounts for Gatherings & Conferences.

Membership Designations:

ILLUMINI (General) Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Animist and/or Shamanic Tradition and connection. Members declare an intention to appreciate and support the work and public celebrations and gatherings of The Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Society and to foster its aims and mission.

APPRENTICE memberships are those who are apprenticed to a ‘Shaman’ and are training towards initiation into an animistic and/or shamanic tradition.

STUDENT membership is for those who are training in a Shamanic Practice and may at a later date seek initiation.

INITIAND membership is a transitory membership for those who have completed training and/or apprenticeship and are awaiting or preparing for final Initiation into an animistic and/or shamanic tradition.

A PRACTITIONER is a members who work in a animist/shamanic way and/or integrate shamanic tradition into their work or healing practices,

INITIATE membership is reserved for all who have completed Shamanic training or apprenticeship and agree to abide and aspire to the Requirements of Initiates criteria of The Society. These members will be recorded on a directory of registered initiates.

ORDAINED ELDER membership is reserved for those  who have chosen to seek ordination and/or have been duly designated or ordained as Elders, Reverends, Priests or Priestesses within their own Tradition. Ordained Elders will be entitled to have the letters OESCGM after their name and bear the title ‘Reverend’ or equivalent, according to their Tradition’ within the Society. They will be principal agents for the aims and mission of The Society and its ministerial work and officiate at public ceremony, and are granted any and all licenses issued by the Society under this classification of membership.

AOGHAIR is the title given to those granted Ministerial licences as ‘clergy’ in accordance with Country, and/or state legislation to officiate as clergy and/or chaplains at Weddings, Funerals and such transition ceremonies & rituals. This title may be granted and conferred by the Minister Team on those who are Initiates or Elders, in accordance with the Society Constitution. This is a sub designation of the Initiate &/or Ordained Elder designation.

The Society also holds BRETHREN (affiliated) membership which is offered to any individual or group who share the aims and mission of the The Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Society, and which the Society holds with esteem or who would bring greater spiritual teaching or depth to the Society.

Membership fees are paid annually on the 1st of June.

Fees are pro-rata upon joining.

Illumini – $35cdn per year

Apprentices – $25cdn per training year

Students – $25cdn per training year

Initiates – $65cdn per year

Practitioner – $55cdn per year

Ordained Elder – $75cdn per year

Brethren – Group fee – $150cdn per year

Child (under 16 years of age) – $15cdn per year