Prayer Request; Soitheach Paidreacha


The Society founded a team of Animist Ministers, The Aoghair, licensed under State & Provincial  legislation.

The Aoghair have instigated Soitheach Paidreacha, literally a ‘vessel of prayers’. In reality this is a list of names for which a tending ritual is undertaken daily and, for 24 hours a day every day, the names are held in silent tending by the Aoghair as a whole.

This ‘vessel’ is an intimate sharing between the Aoghair and the Ancestral Spirits.

If any would like the names of those who are sick, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

No promises are made, save that the Aoghair will tend and speak the names of those sent us with the Ancestral spirits, every day until instructed to cease.

please email just the name to

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