The Ten Principles


1. The source of all is through the Will and Love of the Universal Creator Spirit, The Great Mystery. This is our beginning, our journey and our ultimate destination.

2. Recognising that we are each a spirit with a body, mind and soul, not each separately. Our spirit is in essence who and what we are; it is the essential ‘I’; the experience, the singer of the song.

3. Our spirit is our Greater self, not the mortal self, the more than, the sojourner and is the Great Mystery inherent within us.

4. Establishing contact with the spirit within, our own spirit, which is the source of personal empowerment and creativity and not relying or depending on some external power or authority.

5. All wisdom is the essence of the Great Mystery and all wisdom is incarnate holistically in all creation. Realising that everything is alive. Animals, trees, rocks, oceans & mountains, the earth and stars, each has an ‘aliveness’ that may be a different experience from our own, but nevertheless living. This will open our eyes to our way of being with all around us and in communion with the Universal Creator Spirit, The Great Mystery.

6. Accepting that there are companion and Otherworld zones of reality which affect and regulate what we experience outwardly and impact us inwardly. Within these zones are helpers and guides to enable our own change. Shaman are workers of and with Spirit.

7. Everything external is a reflection of an internal process or journey that is calling for attention.

8. The Source, The Great Mystery sings a song that our spirit is drawn to – there is but one song though many tunes.

9. That diversity is a demonstration of the magnitude of the Great Mystery that offers us many paths of revelation and experience in our journey home.

10. Nothing is measured by Good & Evil, Positive & Negative; these concepts are illusory and open us to judgement. There is but the Centre of all, that fear calls us or drives us from.

Fourteen Sacred Laws

The laws apply not just for Shamanic practice, but are universal to any relational process, either professionally, therapeutically, personally, with ourselves, with the other kingdoms and with the other worlds. The membership of the The Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society are held by these Sacred Laws and Principles

1. Everything is an inseparable part of the Whole.

2. The universe is the sacred expression of the Will of the Divine Source; The Universal Creator Spirit; The Great Mystery and is created and maintained with Love and en-souled with Life.

3. The soul is the reflection of the Divine and will define itself and return in its perfection.

4. Everything is characterised energy and is interchangeable with everything else. Mind, matter, spirit are different levels of the same energy.

5. All energy is in motion and follows the law of harmonics; it will achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort and return ultimately to the Source. Creation is the song of the source, its dance The Great Mystery.

6. All things in the universe have life, but they and others experience it in different ways, or hear the song in different tunes. Nothing is truly dead, for all is in motion.

7. Everything is made up of the same primary elements and receives the same energies; individual beings organise themselves differently. Therefore everything evolves within the law of its own being.

8. Everything evolves by continually seeking harmony and balance with everything else.

9. The only constant in the Universe is the inevitability of Divine Grace and the destiny of change.

10. Everything is completely and ultimately linked to everything else and everything is subject to the Sacred Laws.

11. Everything comes into existence through the feminine principle, moves through the male principle and eventually comes into the balance of the source.

12. Children, the young and the new, must not be harmed for the continuity of life and the promise of the future is through children.

13. Everything is a reflection of an inner state not yet recognised .

14. Circular motion is the law of everything; Lineation is but an illusion. Absolute beginnings and endings do not exist, because there were and are no true beginnings.