Apprenticeship & Training


‘Shamans see in the dark places and into that dark they usher the light. Shamans live in appreciation of their part and their connection to the holographic and pan-dimensional Universe. It is through their flames of passion that they illuminate the path for others. But to be such a bright and fierce fire, Shamans set their souls and hearts aflame; this is their willing sacrifice.’

Many Traditions and practices offer training, instruction, and apprenticeship as journeys to discover the fuel of that fire, experience the flame of that fire, and to surrender to that fire in the service of others and the waiting Universal Divine.

Whether hereditary, lineaged, or vocational, the spirit that dwells within those called begs and craves for direction and guidance from Elders and teachers dependent on their community, culture, and environment.

Whereas the Society cannot vouch for every such training or apprenticeship, it can direct seekers to Society Members who offer such training or apprenticeship into specific traditions and core shamanism. These teachers can be found on the Practitioners page of this site.

The Society offers an on-line Ceremonial Living ‘course’ entitled ’13 Moons’. Registration  for this course is via Regonline and the funds are used to support the various Outreach Programs of the Society.

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