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Hummingbird Shamanic Summit – May 29th – 31st 2015 – Kettle Falls WA

Summit2The joy and beauty of those who gathered at the Hummingbird Shamanic Summit in itself has changed the world of humans. By the Columbia River in the Kettle Falls valley, the very land and spirits of the earth and sky combined with the songs and stories of the gathering to create such a powerful ripple out into the world even though some may say that the group was small. The hearts, souls, songs and intentions of those that gathered overshadowed any thoughts of ‘small’.

Thank you Feather Dee and Earth Rising Sanctuary for tending and nurturing us. Kyle Bailey’s dream kept the gathering on a journey of compassionate adventure, Amy Jo Ellis for reminding us to take a moment in a very breath to rejoice. And the SCGMSS team for all the prayers and dances you added.

Summit1Several of our SCGMSS members presented at this beautiful gathering.

Shamanic practitioners – Pathfinders & Elders of the Sagh’ic; Stephanie Mills, Nataraj Brewer, Mary Jane Richardson  offered ‘Wrap About’ a traditional Sagh’ic Mountain healing for Warriors.

Nataraj Brewer Presented ‘Elemental Bones’ an ancestral prayer ceremony to the Great Totem Spirits.

Rev Seanair Jeff Stockton of The Sagh’ic Presented: Song is Ecstacy

Rev Seanair Dr. John-Luke Edwards of The Sagh’ic offered ‘The Swaying Walk’, a traditional ritual to remove and disperse intrusive energies (sometimes called ghosts); This is an Ancestral ceremony of the Sagh’ic traditionally during which participants wear white.

Rob Murphy also presented, he is a Shaman Initiated in Brazilian Quichuan path of light, Green Path Medicine, and The Makununaiman Traditions. He is also an Initiated Ceann-iuil, Licensed Aoghair and taking his Eldership Journey with the Sagh’ic Tradition. Presenting: The Soul and The Ancestors convert, a journey of rebirth Contact info.

In addition other presenter as follows;

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Peter Turamukame, Marakame, Nahua Granicero, Healing singer. Presented: experiential approach to understanding how we are a part of nature. Contact Info.

Jerry Collins – Medicine warrior, healer Presented: The Medicine Wheel and the “Higher Self” Contact Info.

Swami Yasodananda – Presented: Kundalini consciousness

Janet Brown – Presenting: Yasodhara Dream Yoga

Jessica Thomas – is a Physical Therapy Aide, CNA, works with Essential Oils, Body Alignment, and Yoga Presenting: Yoga and the Power of Alignment Contact info.

Kyle Bailey – Experiential Toltec Shaman, Shamanic Priest of the Egyptian Mysteries, and Founder of The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit & The Northwest Shamans Summit. Presented: A experiential approach to co-creating from the Authentic self Contact Info. or E-mail:

Jea’ Nah Jens Beauty Medicine Woman- “Wisdom Keeper” is Clairvoyant, Intuitive and a empathetic Life Coach. Sharing “Beyond Tarot and More Card Wheel Creation”. She gives a multi-faceted, deck diversified reading with clairvoyant insights. Presenting: Fire Ceremony En-Light in your heart Contact Info. 509 448-7743 / /

Bridgette Dolgoff – Shamanic Practitioner Presented: Shamanic Dream Skills, and Raising Energy Contact Info.

Bones of Fire – 2nd SCGMSS Residential US Shamanic Gathering

Salmon FireOctober 22nd – 26th 2014 – Samish Island Camp – Bow – Washington USA

We had the most amazing Gathering, so wonderful to be in community, sharing the joy, beauty and challenge of ceremony. We were blessed with incredible teachers, sharing their passion for the spirits and for what they bring to this world. Watch the video

Join us Monday 4th – Friday 8th May 2015 at our BC Conference!