Tree and Star – 7th BC Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

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‘Tree and Star – a calling for reconciliation’

7th Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

Easter Seals Camp, Squamish BC Canada

Monday 4th – Friday 8th, May 2015


This conference/gathering was as with all our Gatherings to bring together the Animist/Shamanic Community & Family of all Traditions, and to invite the Clans, Tribes and Families of other countries to come together in Community, in accordance to Sagh’ic Tire Dhream – the Wolven Path Tradition in celebrating the earth, the Stars, the Spirits and the magic of each other and to share our wisdom, our experience, our spirit, our blessings, and our healing.

In a time we have forgotten, a time we say was long ago, because our memories will not let us admit to the longing for that time, The Tree sang to the The Star and the Star sang back. This was a time when we were not afraid to imagine, to dream, when the impossible was simply an invitation to create something more beautiful and wonderful than before.

The Tree was and is our longing and yearning, as a child yearns and longs to be held in it’s mother’s arms. The Star was and is the acceptance of true selves no matter how vulnerable or lonely.

Tree and Star as two distant lovers calling to each other across the vastness of space, time, chaos, shadow, the void we as needy humans fill with every doubt and fear and from this cause greater separation. And yet The Ancient Ones still sing a song of love.

The Ancestral stories tell us that the song was so powerful, the Tree eventually touched the stars, so powerful that the Star descended to be on earth. Nothing is impossible or improbable for this cosmic act of love.

The Tree and Star Gathering called the community together in the impossible and improbable song of love, in which we may dream something more beautiful and wonderful than before. This Gathering was one of reconciliation, a lessening, a reducing, maybe a bridging or filling of that void between one to another, between humans and the Earth, between the mundane and the spirit worlds.

In our blood we know we descended from the starlight; in our bones we know we reach for the heavens above. Our Ancestors may have been angels, aliens, starwalkers, cosmic winds; we may never know the absolute truth. Yet we have always built edifices to reach for the sky and sought out the high places to sing to the Divine, from a longing to be reunited with our source, with the Beloved.

This Gathering manifested bridges of impossible love.

Allowing us to re-find and remember that first song that breached the great void, in a prayerful hope that we will once again know that this void is nothing more than soul amnesia. To allow ourselves the wisdom that living with all we are, good, bad, uncomfortable, pretty, ugly, hard, easy, messy, ordered is our divine nature; whether we are the trees of the mundane or the stars of the spiritual, we are all and with all of the Earth, the song of Divine Love. To reach for the Divine we must first reach for each other. The Gathering asked us all, these questions;

“Who are we as divine beings of the Great Spirit?”

“Who are we as songs of love?”

“Who/what sings with us?”

“What is the void we sing across?”

“Who sings us?”

“How do we breach the impossible and reach for each other no matter what?”

“Can we love even though to love seems impossible?”

and above all….

“Who are we as practitioners, healers, teachers and walkers of shamanic paths in the world of today if we cannot forgive each other and ourselves?”


Through and by this Gathering we have been able to continue our support of the Reforestation and demarcation of the ancestral lands of The Pataxo People and the People of The Guarani in the Brazilian forest, and our sponsorship of two children in Mali and one child in India.

We called for and sought the best teachers and ceremonies for the conference, who drew us together in the magic of Spirit and the wisdom of the Ancestors and the time of the Descendants, when we could all be in harmony with our Mother Forest from whom we formed and the Stars from where we came. Through their teaching we were the means of and agent for reconciliation. We are honoured, blessed and grateful for the conspiring of those Ancestors and Descendants who sent us:

Alleson & John Lansell 1Alleson & Jonn Lansell: presented “Death Rites – Dreaming Spirit Alive”. In the Q’ero (Peruvian) tradition Death Rites are performed as a ritual for personal transition as well as a vehicle to move into significant life events with harmony and balance ~ ayni. Within the Death Rites ceremony our journey’s intention, combined with an act of trust, provide the vehicle for the release of disordered energy (hucha) that has prevented our creating, imagining, and dreaming our world as the beautiful cosmic act of love it is meant to be. The Rites are the opportunity, if we choose, to reset our medicine bodies. Alleson is a Peruvian Shamanic Practitioner, Mesa Carrier, Pampamesayoq, & second degree Usui Reiki Master. As founder & resident of her business, SONQO, she provides individual & group shamanic healing & ceremonial services, classes, & workshops in Snohomish, Washington & Canada. Alleson will be co-presenting with her husband Jonn, they have presented at the last 3 BC Conferences and the US Gatherings.

Beatrice & MaryJaneBeatrice Simmons & MaryJane Richardson: presented “Reflection of Beauty”. We get caught up in the Dream World (the world outside of ourselves) and we forget that we are one with all creation. We are here to love and be loved. The first shamanic law states “We are an inseparable part of the whole”, and when we remember that we are all connected, there is a sense of peace and a feeling of family, community and belonging. By water divination and by our Soul Song we can give healing to the waters within and without so our faces can be reflected in their true Essence. We can find the courage to knock again on the door of the Beloved and we can find: “(I have been) knocking on a door. It opens. I have been knocking from within.” Rumi Mary Jane was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. She works and counsels individuals who have come to her for shamanic healing. Retired from the corporate world, she is now committed to the daily practice of Yoga, acupressure and working part-time as a landscaper. Working with Mother Earth is both rewarding and healing and she waits for whatever it is that Spirit opens up to her. She is a member of the SCGMSS and a Titled Elder of the WPT. Béatrice lives in a Swiss mountain valley where she works in partnership with the spirits and the power of the land. She offers her Shaman services, her fragrant consultations as well as the F.M. Alexander Technique to accompany individuals as well as teaching in groups. She has completed the ‘Teacher Training’ and ‘Medicine for the Earth’ with Sandra Ingerman, which is inspiring her work. She is a member of the SSP and the SCGMSS and an Initiated Pathfinder of the WPT.

Christina-PrattReverend Ceann-Iuil Shaman Christina Pratt; from Oregon; radio presenter of ‘Shamanism Now’ and author of the ‘Encyclopaedia of Shamanism’, Christina is an Initiated Pathfinder Ceann-Iuil and Reverend Elder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition and a member of the SSP and a Director of the SCGMSS. Christina led the gathering on the first morning with; Return to Essence, In the realm of the Essence Energies we are reminded of that which abides, that which—if cultivated with our lives—goes with us when we die, enriching the quality of our soul and the lovelight our soul will bring into the next incarnation. When we choose to live well, the Essence Energies grow strong; when we choose with weak-hearts and poor discernment the Essence Energies are weakened. The Essence Energies are the “juice” in the things that have heart, meaning, and value in our lives. For each of us there is one Essence Energy that makes life worth living and, when we live in a way that serves that Essence, our unique gifts naturally grow in clarity and distinction. In service of our Essence our true medicine can be manifest with ease and joy in the world.

Dean CorminDean Cormin: has been in Aloha/Service through the Universal Spirit of love and lokahi (Unity/balance and Harmony) assisting people to achieve that balance and flow in themselves over the last 15 years. He is an Initiated Pathfinder of the Wolven Path Tradition, a member of the SCGMSS and the SSP, and an Aoghair/Minister of the SCGMSS. He creates sacred space for his clients in the Burnaby Healing Center and Mission Medicine room. Dean Teaches Lomilomi, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Rituals in Burnaby and Mission, BC Canada. He offers services in Shamanic ceremony and ritual in the areas of: Lomilomi/ Lau Kahea,  Crystal Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Acupoint(sound) therapy Shamanic counselling and Shamanic intervention, using Lemurian Wisdom for remote crystal healing, holds Fire, Water and forgiveness ceremonies on his land. Dean offered, Mapping, Shifting the assemblage point and Gem Stone Healing” gathering participants together in the magic of Spirit and the wisdom of creation, amongst the trees (mundane) and stars (spiritual), as everything has an assemblage Point or epicenter that affects everything about us – our appearance, our intelligence, our mood, our health, our way of experiencing the world, our response to ourselves, the environment, our interaction and relationships with others, our achievements, our beliefs and spirituality, and our decisions.  

Geoff Dick2

Geoff Dick; lives in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver and is an Initiand of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and a committed worker for the Earth & Forest. Within The Tradition Geoff carries the four elemental duties: Fire Guardian, Water Bearer, Earth Stander. Geoff believes that he is a dancer in the shadows and believes we should all dance with shadows rather than they dance with us. He describes himself as a child of the forest and spends much time gathering the discarded garbage of humans that desacralise the sacred forest and is working on approaching tobacco companies to bring awareness to smokers regarding discarded cigarette stubs. He is a member of the SCGMSS, and is an initiated Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is a Licensed Aoghair/Minister of the Society. Geoff presented “Transformation in Mid Flight”. “…….we think we have change and study and let go of so much; we make so many excuses why we can’t change. In this Presentation we made that choice to be the only story that matters in midflight and reconciled our self doubt with our place of soaring, to be not just inspired, but to be inspiration itself. The outcome for the participants of this presentation was the ability to look no further than themselves to let go of self betrayal and find the inspiration to fly.

Grant GuindonGrant Guindon; offered a men only ceremonial experience “Earth and Sky: Evoking Fear Tintreach” A gathering of the male soul that stands with the purpose of releasing its creative and destructive power to the earth in a ceremony of song and dance which reflected the dance of the primal stars who descend toward the fertile boundaries of Mathair Tei. This was a purely experiential piece of work that reflected the old stories of the passage of the star-fire that carries on in the hearts of men today. Grant, a member of the SCGMSS is an Initiated Ceann-Iuil of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and also lives in North Vancouver. He carries the elemental duties: Fire Guardian, Wind Walker, and Night Keeper. He moves through this world learning to embody the wisdom of his ancestors with an intense focus on plant spirit medicine and the knowledge of the plant kingdom. Since early childhood he has had an affinity with the trees, knowing full well the importance they will have in the days to come

Guy Barrington 1Guy Barrington; has been teaching and guiding transformational and Shamanic Dance processes for the last 15 years in UK, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic. He brings his Love of Life and passion for the Dance in an accessible way so all may be enriched by the experience of discovering a deeper sense of ‘Home’ within themselves. Guy shares his wisdom and guidance gleaned from many years of experience with 1000’s of people from all over the Globe.  He has worked with Shamans from the Amazon. He has explored in the fields of Dance, Healing, Meditation, Tai Chi, Shamanism, Tantra, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Sexuality, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, empowering Holistic Education, Creative Expression and Heartfelt in-depth Soul~Full intimate connectivity. Guy offered; “Colibri Heart Healing Drum Journey”, “Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance” and “Ecstatic Dance Celebration evening ceremony”. The work was deeply experiential and transformative, enabling the release of stress, tension, constricting thoughts and belief patterns, which then opened us to a more expansive, holistic experience of living. With senses open, connected to each other, Mother Nature and the Heart of Great Spirit, participants felt more enlivened and inspired, more creative and empowered. This can have a direct impact on everyday life in terms of health, relationships, alignment with passion and purpose, which then ripples out naturally into their communities. Guy was also part of the Morning Gathering Reconciliations.

Jane StruverJane Struver: presented “Betwixt & Between”, she says, “we spend a good amount of time longing for what we don’t have, dissatisfied with what we do have. As Spirit workers we also have that longing for home and the challenges that come with working with and for the spirits. My hope is that participants found a place inbetween the longing and the mundane, a strong place, a place that will become the bridge between the longing and the mundane in themselves and others…..the work we do is building bridges, making connections, with every bridge that is built and every connection that is made we become stronger individually and as a community.”  Jane grew up in a small village in Essex, on a smallholding in the middle of nowhere. She spent much of her time in the surrounding fields and woods, happiest when covered in mud from some adventure! Nature held great healing for Jane; she found a gentleness here that was not apparent elsewhere. Close to spirit in these early years she was often aware of something around her that had no name and no form, yet allowed flashes of a different world. As she got older other pursuits took precedence and the treasured times in nature became just a childhood memory. In 2004 these childhood encounters were given new life as Jane witnessed her mum’s last breath. At this moment the room filled with an incredible energy and Jane was transported back in time to those childhood memories. Her mum’s death brought new life to Jane and placed her firmly on the road to Shamanism, which today continues to challenge and delight her, however not necessarily in equal measure! She is a member of the SSP and is a member and Director of the SCGMSS. She is an Initiated Ceann-Iuil and a Reverend Seannair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is an Installed Aoghair of the Society. Jane also leads the development of the UK Chapter of the SCGMSS

Jeff2Jeff Stockton; from Calgary is a Shamanic practitioner in the Celtic tradition. His studies and training in the shamanic realm began in 1996 on the strings of the Celtic harp, and inform and nourish his work in the wider world. In addition to his work in the Shamanic realm, Jeff weaves song and story on the strings of the harp in performance and recorded works. He is a Director of the SCGMSS and Reverend Elder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition in which he holds the title ‘Ciaradh Tean-Astir (Dark Eye)’ and a Licensed Aoghair Minister of the Society. He holds and carries duties for the elemental Guardianships of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Dark and Order of the Raven Dead. Jeff led a series of early morning meditations “Nochtann Grá Gnaoi – “Love Reveals Beauty”, and presented the evening ceremony “‘Amhrán an Fánaí’ – Song of the Nomad”, a ceremony woven around song, story and dance, where we sought and brought forth the wisdom of the Ancestral Spirits in the creation of a simple artifact of beauty…a map of our communities shared wisdom of what needs to be forgiven and forgotten during the conference, as we moved to reconciliation. Jeff was also part of the Morning Gathering Reconciliations.

Joe AbbottJoe Abbott: began his path many years ago. However he says, “I lost track of who I was and where I was going. After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I started looking for alternative methods of healing. My Massage therapist started lending me books on spirituality and earth based connectedness.  I began to use painting to heal my mind and soul. Using earth and water from the sites I painted at I began to see not the photographic image but a more spiritual image of the sites and spent more time with nature and began to feel the need for human interaction and touch.” Joe was accepted by the Wiccans In Boise, was taught, awakened and birthed to this path, spirits and the way energy manifests and is present in everything around him. Upon moving to Washington he was drawn to animism and after attending the Bone fire conference, was drawn to seek out John Luke as a teacher and became his apprentice.    Joe has been doing Elemental Balancing, Soul Remembrances/ retrievals, and intrusion removals. And has also been working with anxiety and PTSD Veterans in his area on their relation to the three original Fears of man, as well as holding 13 moon Ceremonies in his area. Using his art talent to re-instill pride in local Native teens and reconnect them to their ancestors, elders and teachers within their tradition. Joe offered “Painting your Spark within – Reconnecting to the Spark that Started your Journey.” in which each person felt an increased energy and reconnected feeling to themselves, the clan, nature, and their community they serve back home. Making them more effective healers and spreading the energy of the ancestral Star and Tree into their communities upon returning there after the conference.

JLEJohn-Luke Edwards; Presidor of the SCGMSS, and called by Ancestral Spirits to awaken Ceann-Iuil and gather, as Ciar-Sùil à Dorchar Cuchair the Dark Hunter,  the nomadic family into Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition. John-Luke is a Reverend Ceann-iuil and Elder Seannair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and sits on the Ordination Gyre and the Council of the Tradition. He is a licensed Aoghair of the Society, as well as Signatory for the SCGMSS Ministry Denomination. He has a private Shamanic Intervention practice and runs a series of workshops and interactive groups for men to hunt their hearts as well as facilitating the celebration of the ancient rituals of the Clan.  John-Luke will be celebrated The Ceann-Iuil Initiation Ritual and gathered the community to consider the truth, price and rewards of Reconciliation to Self, Others and Spirits. He presented The 11 Genders of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and also led the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Dream Smoke Ritual.

Judy 2015 Shaman profileJudy Fiddick:  is a Registered Massage Therapist, energy practitioner and 5 year student of Blackfoot Traditions based in Alberta and a year’s learning in Inca traditions through Four Winds.  Judy has been in continuous self-study in religions since 1999 and has learning and study in alternative modalities including Reiki, reflexology, yoga and cranio-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage & meditations. She believes that all religions originate from the oneness of Spirit to guide us in rediscovering our divinity. Judy helped us to start the day with one of two guided meditations focusing on unity and oneness. Monday & Wednesday we had the ‘Rainbow Dreamer’s’ meditation which was our opportunity to give back to Mother Earth with grateful reciprocation for the support and nurturing we’ve received physically and spiritually. Tuesday and Thursday we had the ‘Tree of Life’ meditation where we connected to our roots to unite ourselves with others in the trueness of one Source.

Laurie Morningstar.pngLaurie Morningstar: spent her late teens and most of her twenties building motorcycles, hot rods and becoming a tool and die maker. She started looking for something more in life and first became interested in spirituality in 1996 with a native drum making course and sweat lodge, she continues to follow that tradition as a Sundancer since 2001. She has studied Reiki, NLP, Huna, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. During the last year of study at NL Palmer she decided to expand her studies to the body and took a course from New Zealand called Neurolink, it uses points in the body to correct anything out of alignment and in dysfunction as well as clear viruses and bacteria. She continued my studies taking Ener Chi and at the same time studied Lomilomi with Dane Silva in Hilo, Hawaii. She has been a tattoo artist for 20 years, this profession has allowed her to meet people from all over the globe and from every walk of life. She hasa been practicing healing and massage since 2000, working with the Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and other beings of light. She has taught Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart for 3 years and is now guided to the feminine way that she learned in 2001 when she took EnerChi Quest in Park City, Utah. Laurie helped us clear the veils of illusion that are called emotions. Emotions block us from seeing the truth. Once we clear major emotions of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness fear, guilt and hurt it opens the pathway to the Sacred Heart. It is the pathway to love and a pathway to “Reuniting Tree and Star in the Sacred Heart”. It is a sacred place of Unity Consciousness that resides within all of us. When we reach this place within, we realize that “All That Is” resides in this Creation Chamber of the Sacred Heart. In this Chamber, Tree finds what she has been longing for “unconditional love” and Star knows of his divinity for this is a place of Creation, a place of dreams

Kat Naslas

Kat Naslas: a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program, and is a Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor. She is honoured to serve as one of the Fire Guardians when called upon by her Wolven Path family. She has tended fire for Tepee ceremony, sweat lodge and Vision Quest. She has also gained knowledge from Spirit/Shaman guided pilgrimages to Guatemala and Peru, Greece and England, and participates regularly in SCGMSS & SSP conferences in Canada, US and UK. She leads workshops across North America and co-leads Shamanic pilgrimages to Greece. She is a member of the SCGMSS, a Licensed Aoghair Minister and an Elder of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream. Kat offered an amazingly beautiful Fire Walk, taking us beyond what we thought was possible.

hwssbiopicKatalin Koda: is a passionate explorer of earth stories and women’s mysteries. She is the author of several titles including Fire of the Goddess and Sacred Path of Reiki. Katalin is a shamanic arts practitioner, Reiki Master and ceremonialist currently living in Portland, Oregon. Spending the last fifteen years in India and Hawai’i’ her healing work is deeply inspired by her teachers and the indigenous wisdom of these lands. She uses drum journeys, guidance from spirit helpers and ancestral wisdom to heal on the soul level and continues to develop her women’s reclaiming work called Fire of the Goddess.  Katalin led a Self-Marriage Ceremony: Committing to the Beloved Within, a workshop and ceremony that united us with our inner being. Self-marriage acts as a powerful catalyst and initiation into deep self love. We explored three aspects of self-marriage: recognizing that each of us contains a multitude of elements and called them back, uniting the divine feminine with the divine masculine within and stating vows aloud to honor our soul’s journey and life path. Katalin traveled to East India to perform her own self-marriage in an ancient Yogini temple, wedding herself to her soul’s path and creating a documentary called Fire of the Goddess: A Ceremony of Self-Marriage. The alchemical expression of her ceremony has moved her to create this opportunity for others in a growing movement called Sologamy: the practice of self-marriage. By nourishing self-love in an empowered way, we connect more deeply to our soul’s journey and open the way to form clear and healthy bonds with all our relations.

Kathleen MurrayKathleen Murray assisted by Marie-Dominique Chemin, presented, ‘The Wisdom of the Ancients- an introduction to Crystal Skulls and the Council of Lemurian Elders’ and  ‘Our Ancestral Legacy and the journey of our Evolution into Love’. Creating magical spaces in Divine Love to help people discover and uncover more of who they are. To help people remember, and to give them the tools to manifest this in their lives. Embodying more of the truth of who we are is an inspiration for others to follow. Not to follow us, but to follow a path which leads to more truth, to more honouring and celebrating of life. Kathleen is a guardian of Crystal Skulls and channel for the Council of Lemurian Elders. She has always been a seeker, a musician, an artist and journeyer. The psychic abilities which she was born with flourished when she began working with crystals. She has travelled to many countries including Brazil, North America, Australia, Iceland, Greece, Hungary, France, Belgium, Holland, Morocco and Kuwait; introducing the crystal skulls and Elders to many people and is honoured to be an emissary of their Council. At conferences and gatherings, she is happy to share the skulls so people can hold, meditate and journey with them. The crystalline beings are here to assist us with our journey into Oneness and Unity, personally, globally and universally.

Marie-DohMarie-Dominique CHEMIN follows a spiritual quest since her childhood. She is a French Doctor of Medicine, offering physical, emotional and spiritual help and healing with Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, plants and all natural remedies, accompanying people in their journey of awakening. She is also teaching conferences and workshops about Quantic Medicine, where all is about Consciousness. Connexion with crystals and crystal skulls allows us to work and heal in all dimensions of being, releasing old patterns and resistances to free ourselves to become Who We really Are in Unity with Source.


Portland Church 27th July 2014 014Kevin Biggs: came into his role as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher after being given healing for a severe back condition. Since then he has become a Reiki Master, registered Spiritual Healer and Crystal Healer. He now runs from his base in Bournemouth, England a teaching and healing practice. He regularly runs teaching and development workshops in the U.K. Kevin offered a healing circle entitled “Healing with the tools of the Medicine Man”. The intent was to lift negative energies from mind body and spirit by utilising the wood of the rattle, being the element of the trees, to connect us to the spirits in the stars, enabling us to make contact with the ancestors and our healing guides using their powers to bring harmony, balance and a feeling of well-being to all that participate.

lauri shainsky_Layer 1Lauri Shainsky: facilitates connection between spirits, sound and humans through ceremony, her healing practice and coursework in shamanic sound healing. She is committed to people learning that they are not alone, and that they are supported by a council of spirits who orchestrate the perfection of their life’s path. She is moved by the plight of animals on earth and contributes to their healing in whatever way she can. She co-owns and runs a small retreat center (Hidden Lake Retreat) in the foothills of the Cascades, where most of her sound work is done. Lauri is an Associate Healer and Teacher at the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine, is the school/community’s ceremonial singer and lodge pourer, an elder and always a Student and Servant of the Divine. Lauri presented Song Catching: Bringing Healing to Earth through Songs”. Helping people feel more comfortable, confident in bringing song into the world , into their life. Contributing through song is such a gift and people will notice that as they become more comfortable and confident, that their ability to make an impact, and feel like they can contribute to the power of ceremony and healing, is greatly enhanced. So many people say “ I wish I could sing like that” or the like; the truth is is that they can. It takes practice, it takes a conscious awareness of creating a pathway open to channeling sacred song/sound; it takes some clearing of old history, old programming, old egoic constructs that keep them stifled in this arena. It takes willingness to step aside and let Spirit come through. Opening the channels to sound and song is opening the channels to love, power, wisdom, healing. The shamanic and broader communities need this! 

Manjit2Manjit Sidhu: has trained to work in a hospice and hospital to be with patients dealing with pain management. Manjit is a proud mother of 2 adult children, works full time in the corporate world, volunteers in a hospice and assists in group healings and rituals with Saghìc Tire Dhream. Born in Malaysia and moved to Canada 40 years ago, Manjit has lived most of that time on the West Coast. She is an Initiated Cean-iuil, Fire Guardian and Seannair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is a Director of the SCGMSS. She presented “Introduction to Shamanic Journey and The Song between the Tree and the Stars – Journey Circle”. This Circle created the foundation for the journey process so that we could be comfortable to journey. It was an interactive session so participants could take full advantage of the work in the workshops in the coming days where the journeys can be extensive.  It supported us in being connected to our guide or power animal and to have the journey skills to then have the direct connection to spirit through journeying for ourselves.  ” I wanted to be able to enhance the experience for them to use all their senses especially their bodies.”

Monique WilsonMonique Wilson: is a Traditional Healer and Shamanic Practitioner; she integrates Divination, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki & various forms of Energy Healing into her work. She is trained in Bereavement Support, and volunteers in Hospice care. She works with Traditional, and non-Traditional Teachers and Elders and has been blessed to sit with the Elders of the territory in which she works and is  honoured to care for an Elder of that Nation, and to have received many Teachings and instruction from him. “Hych’qa~ I lift my hands to him, and to the Ancient Ones that call us here, to this Sacred Place, to do this Good Work.” She is passionate about the Earth, all of Her beautiful children, and about humans too. Her Ancestors are Irish, French, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois/Mohawk) and Cree.  Monique has a strong connection to them, and she is blessed to be able to integrate their Knowledge and Teachings into her healing practice. Monique presented “To Embody The Heavens”. In this workshop she taught the skills of Embodiment; A Calling down of our most powerful and compassionate Spirit Helpers, inviting them into our field, our minds, our hearts, and if possible, our bodies. This was a practice of Prophecy, and for reasons of Healing. Each one of us, as Shamanic practitioners, have stepped into, or will step into the role of holding space for Spirits to come in for Ceremony, for Healing, for Prophecy. This powerful practice is vital in the growth of a Shaman.

Nat & TinaNataraj & Tina Puddister: Tina has worked as an R.N in Peadiatric Intensive Care and Oncology for over 24 years. She has a background as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Integrative, Energy Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Studies, and has completed her first year in Pre and Perinatal Professional Training at the Kutenai Institute of Integral Therapies. She is an Initiated Ceann-iuil Pathfinder in the Wolven Path Tradition.  Nataraj works as a Peer Support Worker with the mentally ill and/or substance dependent in group settings as a mentor and guide sharing his lived experience with these challenges. He is a meditation and Ascension teacher and has completed his studies as an Addictions Careworker through McMaster University. He is an Initiated Ceann-iuil Pathfinder in the Wolven Path Tradition currently undertaking the Eldership journey. He is also a licensed Aoghair, minister, in the SCGMSS takes his first vows as Inducted Elder at this Gathering. They presented “A Song to Remember”. In our quest for deeper intimacy we will tend to our soul’s longing in a yearning to connect to a deeper part of ourselves so that we may then be able to embrace with joy and love, the life that we are called to live. This quest calls us to surrender and let go of our persistent attachments that keep us from remembering, connecting and singing our soul’s song. The Tree sang to the Star and the Star sang back in celebration, connection and embrace. We came together in community and in the presence of the Ancestral Spirits to journey, trance dance, and sing our song for the greater healing of ourselves, Mathair Tei, and our community.

NikiahNikiah Seeds: has been working in the realm of woman’s spirituality and healing for the past 14 years. As a sacred beekeeper Nikiah has been working with the bees both shamanically and as holistically as possible, and is currently working on developing curriculum with the Collage of the Melissae. Nikiah is also a co-author of the book Moon Mysteries – Reclaiming Woman’s Menstrual Wisdom, and an Ordained Spiritual Minister. Since 2006 Nikiah has been a devout student of shamanism and this deeply informs her work as a ceremonialist and priestess. Nikiah is an Initiated Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder of Saghìc Tire Dhream; the Wolven Path Tradition and cares for the Society`s bee hive. Nikiah offered “Calling on our Divine Souls.” A shamanic Smything workshop using the ancient form of Encaustic, beeswax, painting to create a talisman. Using the ancient form of Encaustic painting with beeswax, participants created the essence of their divine spark given to them from the time of their birth through deep journey work, and the use of natural things found around them. Participants will journey to the star of their birth and asked the question “Who are we as divine beings of the Great Spirit?” and How does this look?

Rob MurphyRob Murphy: is a practising shaman and a master shamanic-reiki practitioner and Level 3 reiki practitioner. He has been initiated as a yatchak (shaman) into the Quichuan Path of Light tradition in by Don Esteban Tamayo in Ecuador and a shaman in the Green Path Medicine tradition taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara and his wife Claicha, a yatchak in the Peruvian Quechua tradition. He is also initiated into the Brazilian shamanic tradition of the Makunaiman. He is initiated into Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is a member of the SCGMSS. Rob presented “Journey to Hear the songs of the Trees & the Stars – Pathway to rediscovering our Heart Song”, in which we came together in sacred circle to explore and to establish a personal relationship through journey work with our Tree brethren–listening to them sing their song and then with our Star brethren to listen to them sing their song. This serves by deepening our individual awareness of our heart/soul song so that we can join in that chorus of songs with the Tree, the Star, and all our relations that call this Earth home.

Robbie Holz #1Robbie Holz: is an international speaker, body/mind/spirit wellness consultant, and co-author of the award-winning book ‘Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist’s Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe’ and the sequel ‘Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening: A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe’. Using the Aboriginal healing principles, she healed herself of Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Robbie has also participated in healing ceremonies with Outback Aborigines. Through her frequent international radio appearances and speaking events in Australia, Canada and across the U.S., Robbie helps others awaken to their powerful inner healer. Robbie offered “Heal with Aboriginal Secrets” to anyone interested in how to heal themselves, others and the earth. Interspersed with stories, audience input and guided meditations including a Tree & Star Union Meditation, Robbie’s passion will be to  awaken us to the powerful healer and creator within and the tremendous assistance available to us through our spirit team.

Rosemary - Copy Rosemary O’Toole: lives in Dorset, UK. She is a Shamanic practitioner who has trained extensively over many years with, among others, Simon Buxton and Naomi Lewis of the Sacred Trust and Betsy Bergstrom. Rosemary is a bee keeper and has a deep connection with animals and nature – she trained as a practitioner in Animal Spirit Medicine under the guidance of Naomi Lewis and spent a short time as a student with the San Bushmen in the Kalahari. She is a crafter of sacred ceremonial items, healing tools and ‘medicine’ jewellery. In 2008 she began a journey that brings her to be fully initiated as Ceann-Iuil of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and completing as inducted Seannair; Elder Sagh’ic Tire Dhream at this Gathering. She is a member of the SCGMSS and a prime figure in the birthing of the UK Chapter. Rosemary led a sacred crafting ceremony, “Weaving the Void” during which we decorated objects of beauty – in this case a fully outstretched bird wing and/or bird claw. For us the bird symbolises the freedom of spirit that is in all animals and which is most obviously and movingly displayed in the larger birds of prey as they soar above. They are the bridge between humans and the divine, earth and heaven, tree and star and symbolise the enabling of transcendence and release from our earthly bonds.

Stephanie MillsJane StruverStephanie Mills & Jane Struver: Rev. Elder Ceann-Iuil Stephanie Mills is Ordained within the Sagh ic –Tire Dhream – “The People of the Wolf.” Stephanie is on the Board and is the Treasurer of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society as well as also being the Chair of the USA Chapter of the SCGMSS. Within the Ministry of the SCGMSS Society – Stephanie is a Licensed Aoghair and lives Bellingham WA.
Jane is a member of the SSP and is a member and Director of the SCGMSS. She is an Initiated Ceann-Iuil and a Reverend Seannair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is an Installed Aoghair of the Society. Jane also leads the development of the UK Chapter of the SCGMSS.

They presented a Women’s Group, “Standing in the Starlight of your Destiny”,  an honouring of our Ancestral stories and an awakening of a new story, one that will weave a healthy thread, vertebra by vertebra through our Female Ancestral Line. With journey work and ceremony we wove this thread through all the generations, past, present and future bringing reconciliation with ourselves, our Ancestors and our Descendants. With reconciliation comes love and forgiveness, for each other and for ourselves. We may not have had any say in how our stories were handed down, but we can rewrite them, we can weave a new and healthy story through our Ancestral Line.

Thilo MerhoffThilo ‘Many Bears’ Mehrhoff: a resident of Vancouver B.C. and has been facilitating Transformational Breathing and walking his path for many years. His passion is healing through music and ceremony. He bears a strong connection to the land and his ancestors with a strong focus on First Nations beliefs and customs. The greatest lesson Thilo has learned is how you breathe, is how you live your life. Thilo Many Bears presented, ‘Breathe; Sacred stars to loving trees’ breath work and Sacred sound ceremony. Transformational breath work is his foundational teaching which he received from Founder Judith Kravitz. Thilo trained under her for 3 years and it is now his private practice.

Transformational breath work is powerful, self-healing, modality that integrates and heals on every levels of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thilo used many shamanic tools such as drums, flutes, didgeridoo, rattles, and his voice as part of this ceremony. Each person having a different experience individually as well as a collective experience for the group and planetary healing.

Tina PuddisterCarey Selk RogersTina Puddister & Carey Selk-Rodger: presented “Dreaming Beyond Ourselves”. Imagine dreaming ourselves into connection, love and Joy. We are being called by the Spirits to remember and dream the time before this time, when the Tree sang to The Stars and The Stars sang back in sweet embrace. Together in sacred ceremony we spiralled inwards towards our longing, yearning to surrender and release what is ready to be shed to create space for greater connection to our soul star. We engaged in journeying, drumming and creative expression to rebirth our soul star into manifestation.

Tina has worked as an R.N in Pediatric Intensive Care and Oncology for over 24 years. She has a background as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Integrative, Energy Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Studies, and has completed her first year in Pre and Perinatal Professional Training at the Kutenai Institue of Integral Therapies. She is an Initiated Ceann-iuil Pathfinder in the Wolven Path Tradition. Tina brings her intergrative approach to support clients to connect through mind-body awareness to provide a harmonous, balanced expression of health and wellness.
Carey is a Counsellor, Cranial Sacral Therapist and Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner. Carey’s background in counselling of 15 years includes education and training in Self-Regulation Therapy, Pre and Perinatal Professional Training, Way of the Heart, Shamanism and Neurofeedback. Carey is passionate about insights, dreams and visions that guide one’s journey.