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Welcome to the UK Chapter!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Dorset is the base for the SCGMSS’ UK Chapter with members residing throughout this green and pleasant land.

The SCGMSS is founded on the principles of The Wolven Path Tradition. Both the Tradition and the Society hold sacred the community; this is a fundamental concept in Shamanism.

The Society is a non profit organisation committed to pastoral and tending work in and for all the communities we find ourselves in and are called to serve.

For details of our overseas Community Outreach Programmes please click HERE

The UK Chapter Aims;

  • To provide a place for the community to gather in Spirit
  • To teach the Shamanic path, but to also embrace all paths
  • To host events throughout the year to raise funds for the Society’s overseas charities
  • To serve as Ministers during Rites of Passage – Wedding Blessings, Handfastings, Funerals, and Naming Ceremonies
  • To raise funds for local UK Charities
  • To provide Pastoral Care in the Community