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CandlesUnion Blessing – June 7th, 2015

On a sweltering hot day in north London, we were delighted to officiate at our first Union Blessing. It was a day filled with such magic. Bagpipes and a dohl drum heralded the arrival of the bride, who looked stunning in red and gold.

The groom standing nervously surrounded by family and friends, and a rather teary Aoghair. What a beautiful, heart tugging entrance.

The ceremony was a joy to perform, the words rich and steeped in the Sagh’ic Tradition, and yet welcoming and open to all in their message and sincerity.

60 people gathered to witness this union blessing, this was the ceremony they wanted, the legal bit the previous day was fitted in around chores. In England we are not yet able to offer legally recognised wedding ceremonies, one day I hope to see this change.

It was an honour and a blessing to be part of this gentle and friendly couple’s special day.

For details of our ceremonies and licensed ministers please see our website.


Women with Wings! 

Rosemary spent a wonderful day on Saturday 31st January with an amazing group of women. It was a joy to share in the journey, as we explored who we are as women, our uniqueness, and what unites us.

A true blessing to spend this day with these wonderful women with wings!

A day of journey work, meditation, divination, ceremonial crafting, ceremony, chocolate cake and laughter.

Rosemary & Teddy rs

Red Ted joined us for the day, Rosemary’s adorable dog, who delighted us all with her sweet, playful personality.

Rosemary also brought along some spectacular ceremonial items, including a stunning mask that she has worn undertaking Handfastings, and an amazing wing with antlers, and of course her signature wings, which she lovingly prepares for others to work with.

It was wonderful to witness the women gathered around the table, engrossed in crafting, fired up with creativity, creating the most beautiful dressed wings, all different, all unique, like the women themselves.

Women with Wings rsThere is something very companionable about crafting, chatting, sharing stories, it truly was a joy to be part of this day.

Rosemary  looks forward to offering more days like this in the near future, perhaps with Béatrice Simmons when she visits in the summer..




Installation of 2nd UK Aoghair!

In October the AoghaiRosemary Aoghairr gathered in Bellingham WA to undertaken funerary Rites training , a powerful and beautiful honouring of the dead. This was the second part of our training, the first being Marriage Rites, which we undertook last year.

This October we also shared in the installation of a new Minister (Aoghair). Rosemary is our second UK Minister, we are delighted to have her be part of the Ministry team.

Congratulations Rosemary, it was an honour to witness your Ordination as Minister.

The UK Chapter offers many services for the dying, dead and bereaved. We also offer Handfastings, Blessings and other Transition Ceremonies.

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